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Well I have FINALLY been able to get back on the board from home. It has been a struggle I must say.


Fordie said it best that this may be the toughest OOC schedule in history. We are a fairly experienced team but a little green along the Defensive front. They are bigger in weight but shorter in height then the 2007 squad. I know a lot of these kids got playing time last year. We should be OK size wise but may wear down against the CAA teams we face. Trevor Anderson @ 6 2 and 280 has got to be the man this season. The good news is everyone who is expected to play is 250 or better but lack of height could be a problem when they face these mutants from the CAA. The lLBs are solid and from the sounds of things we could be better against the pass. We were very tough to run on last year so I am a little nervous about our run D against our CAA schedule. In the NEC I think these kids will dominate.


Offense is our strength (I cant believe I am saying that) Tougas not being there really hurts. I am sure they will replace him with somebody of equal size but will be learning on the job and UMASS and a pissed off Delaware is no place for a rookie to cut his teeth but what choice do they have????!!!! Again, I think the line will be big, pretty experienced and with basically 3-4 starters/playing time kids returning will be very formidable for both OOC and NEC play. As usual we will be a smashmouth team that I believe/hope will open it up more with Vinny and another year of experience under his belt. McCarty will pound it through the tackles and it will be very interesting to see if the new coordinator is gonna really open it up. I am sure they will play it close to the vest @ UMASS to keep their Offense/future pro QB off the field so look for a steady diet of running and screens.


This season is one for the ages. 5 on the road and dont get me started on why we as defending champions are going to Duquesne who is brand new to the league. I gotta say for the record I am growing tired of the NEC. If the NEC were going to 63 as opposed to 40 I would be singing a different tune. We have been an FCS/1AA team since 99. Thats almost 10 years. If we are going to be an FCS team then add 30 more schollies, renovate University Field and get on with it and bring it up to 60 already. This BS of climbing 2 per season for 50 years till we get to 40 is BS. I say it every season how can we hope to compete with UMASS and Delaware with 35 or 40. I know we won down there 2 years ago but if we played Delaware ten times we would win two and they would win eight.




This is a great team we are opening up with, and as Danefan has stated on AGS they probably will be there in the end in Chatanooga. Our only chance at a win is to play a scary wide open game (I know that can be costly) and not care. Lets just hope they overlook us and that QB is rusty. I know most pundits will say play it close to the vest with ball control offense and a good defensive game plan. If it were me I would play a wide open game and hope they are taking us lightly or not ready to play. But thats why I dont call the shots. Personally I think Hofstra and New Hampshire are beatable so I would play those games closer to the vest.It will be an interesting match up. Lets hope we have a better outcome then the last time we played UMASS.

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I, myself, love the fact that we shoot for a TOUGH ooc schedule. The only way to be the BEST is to play the best.

I agree with you and I'm ALREADY tired of the NEC. It should NOT be in our future. And I believe the PEOPLE in charge at UAlbany feel the same.


These, I hope, are the reasons why we are scheduling ALL Colonial Conference games.

It seems inevitable that the Colonial splits, IMO... and what better way for UALBANY to get first cracks at joining the league when it does split, by playing and getting nicely acquianted with the Colonial teams and their conference.


I see a bigger picture here forming.

I see getting a stadium, and I also see UAlbany leaving the NEC, hopefully for the Colonial.

I believe Dr.M is shooting for excellence here, and it involves getting a stadium by whatever means necessary, and moving on to bigger and better things, including a better conference.

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I love the OOC schedule as well, as long as we are on a level playing field with these CAA programs. As of right now we do not have the depth to stay with these programs consistently. God forbid an injury bug to strike we could be in deep you know what this year. I agree with Coach in that if the squad has any pride and we remain healthy we will be a rugged team top to bottom against our NEC schedule. My wish is to play Appy, Montana, UMASS, Delaware, and GA. Southern and have them actually concerned about losing to us.


The fact that it is going to take so long to reach 40 full rides is disheartening. We should hopefully be on to greener pastures before then. We are sitting around until 2010 to "wait and see" if the CAA splits up. It seems logical that it will but what if it doesnt? We will be in a football quagmire known as the NEC with 40 rides playing a full slate of play up games. Will we win a handful of these games? YES! Will we lose more then we win? YES, unless we are playing Patriot League teams. The sense I get is the PL wishes to play the Ivys and not the NEC.


All in all I look forward to Sat and let see what we have under the hood against the best team we will see since Montana last season.

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Last time Albany was tailgating on the east side of the stadium. There should be plenty of General Admission seats, on Labor Day weekend I doubt they'll pass 12,000 attendance in a 17K stadium


I am planning on going...but there is a small chance I might not be. Coming in with 8 UMASS grads...so i will need the support. I e-mailed someone at school, however is there a planned tailgate?


If not....I am planning on doing one.

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