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I hope we beat JU sensless. They are talking smack over there how JU will wipe the floor with Albany. "Albany has not seen a team like Jacksonville" LOLOLOL. Yeah we have seen much better, bigger and faster. Excuse my French her but F@*#k them. I hope some of our players read this.


Bring on this undersized finesse team from Florida. If we are lucky it will snow.

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I've registered on their board.


Jacksonville schedule:

at Savannah State W 20-7

at Appalachian State L 7-56

Campbell W 52-0

at North Carolina Pembroke L 21-22

at Davidson L 35-38

Webber International W 51-7

at Morehead State W 40-9

San Diego W 30-29

at Butler W 45-9

at Valparaiso W 40-24

Drake W 41-9

Dayton W 19-14


Look at that loss to nc pembroke...

Aren't they a Division VII team of the peach belt conference?


Jacksonville barely beats Dayton?

Dayton lost to Duquesne by 8.

We slapped around Duqesne like a little rag doll.


Albany 42 Jacksonville 13

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This game won't be a blowout.


I expect a Monmouth type game - close first half and then pulling away in the second half.


We will have been off for 3 weeks, which is good and bad. Its good because it rests the guys, but its bad for timing.


Jacksonville has a pretty balanced attack, with a 2300 yard QB and a 1300 RB.


They have a Freshman at QB from Miami and I doubt the kid has ever had to play in freezing temperatures and snow. And he's not a mobile QB (only 100 yards rushing). Without a mobil QB its hard for me to imagine them beating us. Our achiles heal has been mobile QB's.


Here's the catch: They are 60th in the country in rushing defense allowing 146.4 yards per game. That's not going to cut it against McCarty and a team that averages 190.45 yards per game.


Additionally, they are 50th in the nation in turnover margin. We are 18th.


They have 3 kids from outside the state of Florida (Michigan, Missouri, NY).



The weather will have a huge impact on them in the second half. I'm not many people realize how difficult it is to come out of the lockerroom and play the second half after sweating like crazy this first half, sitting in a warm lockerroom and then trying to come back into freezing cold temperatures. Its really tough to do. And you can forget about having any solid play from your reserves. Try staying warm, its near impossible. No fancy helmet heaters or foot warmers like the NFL. Stand on the sideline and do jumping jacks if you want to stay warm.


I've never been colder in my life than standing on the sideline during the ECAC game versus Duquesne. I ran a fake punt (that went no where) and couldn't feel my hands or feet.

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A comparison of NCAA GPI (what the committee uses as an aid in at-large selection):


36. Albany

Jacksonville was not in the top 50, which was the only numbers released for this week. In prior weeks they were in the low-mid 80's.


The regular GPI has us at 39 and Jacksonville at 72.

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