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Thanks for posting that link. The story is very well written and really captures her career.


When I think of Sarah Sweetland, there are two stories that come to mind:

1. At one of the luncheons last year, Coach Patterson was making the point that the team is made to feel like family. The example she cited was that one of Sarah's long-time friends had died in the Providence night club fire. Coach Patterson told of how the teammates supported Sarah during her grief and closed ranks to help prevent those little things that a person normally deals with easily, but can be difficult when your grieving from aggravating her.


2. During her freshman season, I did not attend women's games with the regularity that I do now. I had missed the first month or so of games and was at a meeting on campus that ran late when a friend who was also at the meeting suggested we head over to the RACC to catch the second half of the women's game. We got there in the middle of the second half with the Lady Danes substantially behind. At about the time we got there, Coach Warner put Sarah in the game. Since I had never seen her before, I asked my friend who she was. His answer was something like "oh that's Sweetland, she's freshman and she's terrible, she always gets the ball stolen, she looks scared on the court, she can't play at this level and she should transfer" What I saw over the next few minutes pretty much confirmed my friend's opinion. I began to go to more games and Sarah played very little her first two years and, to be honest, at the time, I never thought she would be a valuable player. I was therefore surprised when I read the pre-season outlook for her junior year to read that not only was Sarah projected to be the starting point guard, but a co-captain. I don't think I need to recite the high-lights of the final two years of her career.


Situations like hers and Alicia Learn's, being players who got little time their first two seasons, and did not show much when they did, but went on to become starters making substantial contributions are why I cringe when people want to run freshman or sophomore players off the teams. I hated it when Beeten did it. I realize that some players will not improve and gain playing time in the rotation later in their careers, but some will and I hate giving up on them when their careers are in their infancy.


Best of luck to Sarah Sweetland, Taryn O'Bannon and Janis in their future endeavors. They have all represnted our university admirably.

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I guess I didn't see Sweetland as others did as a Frosh. I thought she did fairly well and as a Junior I thought it was a good choice to put her at the point instead of Hemlock. Her decisions were very good. I have said to those siting around me all year that "We got to find a point guard for next year" because Sweetland has had to do it all this year. TO's go up when she leaves the game. Those of us in the stands are going to miss cheering for "Sweets".

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Great Post Statefan. I couldn't agree more.

As much I'm looking forward to going to the tourney I regret that I'm going to miss the women's senior day. There was not much glory playing for Albany through most of Sweetland's career. It's great to see her have some sucess now. Hopefully if things work out I can catch them at the tourney.

Statefan next year you're going to have to come up with someone new during close games when I ask "who do you want shooting free throws?"

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Oldtimer, god bless. She was really, really bad as a freshman and sophomore. She still can't dribble with her left hand, but at least she knows how to shield off the defender better than she used to and doesn't therefore get the ball stolen every other time down court.


Her biggest improvement has come in handling the rock. She's always been a good shooter who unfortunately doesn't get herself open for shots (has to come off screens and get the open looks because of her technique).


But as far as handling the ball goes, she went from 4 assists and 14 TO's (1:7 ast-to-TO ratio) as a freshman, to 51 ast and 64 to (5:6) as a sophomore, 63 ast and 66 to (almost 1:1) as a junior and finally 116 a and 67 to (more than 1.5:1) this season.

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