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AE Power Rankings


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Here is the AE Summer Session post on Rush the Court:




Full disclosure- this is shameless self promotion, I wrote the article. Let me know what you think- any and all comments are appreciated.


All in all, I think BU and Maine are ahead of the pack, but everything three down is up for grabs. There is plenty of opportunity for upward mobility for UA in '10-'11.

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Except for the part where you say nice things about Tommy Brenton I liked it. I'm hoping you're off a few spots with you Albany pick but I can see why you put us there.


"Coach Will Brown and his Albany Great Danes have welcome freshman Luke Devlin from Australia to campus. The 6’8 Aussie has three-point range and should quickly become a favorite among a fan base eager for something to cheer about."


How many songs are there about Australia we can play at Sefcu this year?

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I know we were all signing the demise of Bing last year and they surprised everyone. Having said that, I don't see them finishing in the top half of the AE this season. They've done nothing on the recruiting trail and lost Talley.


Binghamton at the #4 might be a stretch, but I couldn't slide UNH up to that spot without proof of progress. They add a few nice recruits, but Alvin Abreu is very capable of shooting his team out of a game - I think as long as he takes such a large portion of the shots, UNH has a low ceiling. If another player, namely Ferg Myrick, can take on a key scoring role, the UNH offense could start clicking- but a leading scorer willingly shots is a walking a chemistry tightrope. And few players in the league can take over a game like Greer Wright. I fear a second year with now familiar teammates could allow Wright to cut down on his TO and effectively replace Talley's production through an overall increase in efficiency. Also, Jabbi posted some impressive numbers last season and I could see him being a breakout player.

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