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The Next Jamar Wilson?


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As we all know, last year was a low point for UAlbany, and a lot of criticism was directed towards Tim Ambrose, who provided the disappointing statistic of 100 total turnovers for the season. We seemed farther than ever from the glory days of Jamar Wilson and NCAA bids.


Today, I found some very interesting statistics whilst browsing statsheet.com:





2006-07 33 36.3 18.8 45.4 39.3 74.6 4.8 6.2 1.2 3.6 119

2005-06 32 34.9 17.7 45.4 36.3 85.0 3.9 4.9 1.3 3.7 117

2004-05 27 37.1 16.9 43.4 39.8 82.8 4.1 3.1 1.3 4.4 119

2003-04 1 33.0 13.0 28.6 0.0 83.3 2.0 1.0 0.0 5.0 5

2002-03 27 37.2 18.9 48.8 35.9 81.5 3.3 3.8 0.8 3.6 98


Career 120 36.3 18.0 45.6 37.4 80.8 4.1 4.6 0.2 3.82 458




So it seems that even all-stars can be prone to turnovers. With that said, who do you think will be the next UAlbany All-Star (a.k.a. the next Jamar Wilson)?


Relevant stats can be found here: http://greatdanenation.com/

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I think it's too early to call for Ambrose. If the season ended today, he's top 3 in POY year running for the AE (Fjeld and Voelkel I'd say are right there with him) and a shoe in for 1st team AE, but after three up and down years, I think the only way Ambrose could be anointed the next Jamar Wilson has to be an NCAA tournament berth.


I think it's an interesting comparison because Jamar also was not a point guard, in my opinion, more of an undersized two guard, who by default, had to have the ball in his hands at all times- he was our best ball handler and creater without question. Timmy clearly wasn't able to adapt as well as Jamar, but he also didn't have the supporting cast.


All in all, I think it might be best to leave it at: Ambrose has the chance to have the best season by a Great Dane since Jamar.

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In terms of what he meant to the program this question is kind of like asking who the next George Washington will be. I'm don't know that there can be one.


We were so awful when he got here and he was good. A program changer. I don't know how many of those you get but it's a really tough standard to measure guys against.

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