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11-9-11 TU article

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Mark S with his typical garbage article. Instead of focusing that a team picked 4th this season has a legitimate shot to make the NCAA's( like the football team this fall) he focuses on the negative angle of things before 1 game is even played.




He should stick to writng about $iena, a team that should be happy at this point if it matches last years win total.

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It's really a shame that our university athletics doesn't have the support like Tallahassee, Baton Rouge, etc etc

etc has...


Sorry, but I don't give a rats arse about union or rpi football... I do like to hear about their hockey programs.

This newspaper is arse backwards. It's great to cover St Rose and siena field hockey & volleyball, but when you've got

UAlbany D1 teams capable of being powerhouses, seems to me their choice of coverage makes zero sense.


As for Brookins.... their mediocre-anticipated season just got a heck of alot mediocre.

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I might be in the minority and I'm a Will Brown guy but he HAS to win this season. No, I'm not saying NCAA tourney but can't go 15-15 and knocked out in the first round. Just can't!


I don't think the story needed to be written but I think most can acknowledge the reality.


Obviously a coach has to win to extend his contract. That is the nature of the business. But only a hack would write the type of article Mark S wrote before the season started for the LOCAL team that improved last season (over the prior season) and is expected to be right in the mix for an ncaa bid this season when there are so many story lines that would be so much more appropriate.

Like uofalbany said this type of coverage makes zero sense especially for a paper that apparently needs readers(and which paper wouldn't want more readers in this era of declining circulation). They have already called me a couple of times to purchase their paper since I cancelled due to the bogus football stadium editorial not too long ago. Previous to that I paid them half price or less for their half ass paper. Since then, I don't want their paper even if it was free.

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