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James Tchana

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The insiders has UA offering James Tchana a scholarship for next year. Tchana is a 6'7 260lb PF/C. He attends the Our Saviour school in NY (Jamar Wilson's school) and was injured in that tragic accident earlier this year which killed one of his teamates.

Here's the insider's link.


NYC hoops had this to say about him:

"James Tchana 6'7" PF Our Savior New American (LI) His wide body, ability to run the floor and soft hands are reminiscent of Antonio Pena but right now his game is even more "box to box" if you will than Antonio's. I love the way he sits in the post. He provides guards with a big target and one they can trust to catch the ball. His foot work is improving and how much it does will determine if he's recruitable by high majors. He held his own at ABCD as a junior and that's pretty impressive and it indicates that he's learning to compete at a high level"

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This is the type of player that would be needed to put the Danes in the Conference upper ehelon on a consistent basis. He's probably an A10 player.


It would be highway robbery for us to get this kid. Just like Jamar was a great steal for the Danes.

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I think having Jamar here will help get this kid to UA. Jamar can be like...look, the staff is great, the school is good academically, look how I did, etc. etc.


Antonio Pena...that kid can ball. Was Telefair's go to guy!

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Jeez...that looks like one mean baller! I wouldnt want to have to face a future lineup of big men in two years of Dyson, Zoellner, Wilson, Tchana. Levine, with the mop up guys of Knotts and Martin.

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It would be highway robbery for us to get this kid-Patch


I don't know about you Patch but my conscience could live with it.

He would have to wait and sign in the fall for next year wouldn't he? Or can you sign and LOI for next year in the spring?

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I hate to say it but this kid missed most of his Jr. year due to the tragic accident Our Savior had in their vans.


Once he starts playing AAU this summer he'll go A10 atleast!!!!


We can all dream but remember Coach Brown could extend an offer to anyone but will the kid and his ADVISORS take a low DI offer?


If Brown gets this kid he is one awesome recruiter, I know he's damn good but this kid was good at the ABCD camp before his Jr. year.

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There's a post on the $iena board that they have offered Tchana also. Insiders had a story on him the other day and it sounds like he plans on going higher than the MAAC or the AE. Interesting that (at least according to recruiting websites) Albany and Siena have both offered two different recruits. Maybe this happens more often than I know about, just thought it was interesting.

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It just goes to show that we are trying to recruit higher level players.


Recruiting is like Lotto - "if you ain't in it you can't win it".


Every once in a while we need to land an upper level player like a Jamar Wilson who could have gone higher than the AE.

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