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[MBB] Game #25: 2/3/18 - 7PM - vs New Hampshire (BPG & FF)


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Around 3900 at the game today. Not very impressive when in the past we have sold out. Students did not look into it at all.


I have written this before but Benson has been here a little while now and I really expected more given what he did at Old D. I have no inside information so does anyone know his 5 year plan? Disappointed at the crowd tonight and pretty much all season for basketball and football.

$20 for each ticket..on a bench. Plus $10 for parking in the Dutch Lot. For a family of four..that's nearly $100 to sit in less than comfortable seats. Add in some refreshments..and it's well over the century mark for a night out. Think of it what you may..but the top goal is clearly not to get the attendance numbers as high as possible.

Cut it in half, and lose $50 in revenue for every family of 4 or $12.50/head. After free tickets for students and season ticket holders, say it affects 1,500 tickets last night, but gets them to sell the 750 seats that went unsold last night. That's about $10,000 in lost revenue. Make that trend identical for every game (cut revenue in half on ticket sales to add 750 fans in attendance) and you end up losing the program over $150k for the whole season. That's a couple of employees of the program or a big hit to the marketing budget.


$25/person per game is still an incredible deal. What does it cost to go to a movie today before snacks? I think a 3D Imax movie is like $19/ticket at Crossgates. Guess what, they still sell out the theater for blockbuster movies. The lines for Star Wars on release date show that.


We can complain about inflation all day and how it hurts the casual fan and stops them from attending, but in the end of the day it's all about the product on the court. If this team was 9-1 in conference right now and 21-4 overall, it would have sold out last night - even if the price per ticket was higher.


I'd rather they maximize profits right now to put back into facilities, recruiting, and staffing to ensure the team gets better each and every year. If you win it, they will come. If you suck, we have an empty gym if the tickets are $5 each.


We are still way cheaper than $iena games. It's one of the best values around.


I get that times are tough and it can be hard to justify $100 for a family of four to attend today, but being profitable and winning will build the fan base much faster in my opinion.

$iena is a bad example. They are way over priced for their level. Their peer Marist tickets are listed on their website for $13 or $11. One of the top teams in that league , Iona lists tickets at $25, $14 or $12

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Have you seen their facilities? They're not very good.



Yes. This season. Plus I have been to Xavier, Northern Kentucky, Louisville, Manhattan, NJIT, Seton Hall ,St Rose among others this season.

The maac facilities are closer to d2 st rose level than to any of the other schools I have been to as I expected. All 3 maac schools I went to this year have better sightlines than LCC which I have not visited this season as there is no worthwhile (A game without LCC) basketball there until March.. It also helped that 2 of the maac teams were were free and the other was $10 :)

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