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  1. 2023 6'9 forward Jack Margoupis ( @Jackmargoupis28 ) has committed to UAlbany. Three level scorer who also was being recruited by Bucknell, Gardner-Webb, USC Upstate, & Colgate.
  2. All fascinating stuff. On a similar note I wonder, if ever, Albany attempts to combine with Albany Med, Albany Law, Albany Pharmacy. I know there were rumors years ago but nothing came of it. You want to talk about a game changer for the University, that would be it. Probably a pipe dream but that and getting the Nano back (have heard nothing more about that either) would be bigger news then a move to the CAA.
  3. Pure speculation however to answer the above questions for the Armory. 1) there is little scheduled at the armory so I don't think this will be much of an issue. 2) home games are either at 7pm or on the weekends. For practices, The drive from suny to the armory will have little impact on the players. 3) there was a pro team playing there. They have locker rooms, concession stands, ect. I'm sure it would pass NCAA standards. 4) like I said above there is very little scheduled at the armory, at least publicly. 5) the patroons had internet TV broadcasts of their games or there must be something there. They may not play there at all but my guess it would be the easiest if the armory and UA wanted the games there.
  4. If I were the AD this is what I would do: Play only 1 or 2 non conference "home" games. Let us get a little used to the venue for the conference schedule. Playing mostly away games this year will allow us to have a larger home non conference schedule next year. The 1st year of the new arena. I would play this year at the Albany Armory. I went there for the Championship a couple of weeks ago. It was hot but there were 2k people there. The parking was fine and the venue was fine. It's a smaller venue so even with only 1k people there I'm sure it can get very loud and be a decent home court advantage. There is not a ton of stuff there so scheduling should not be an issue. I'm also guessing it will not cost the university much and will keep the games in albany.
  5. From Twitter 10 hours ago: Peter Lash tells me that the latest schools to contact him are UAlbany, Holy Cross, and Flagler. Lash has been offered by three D2 programs.
  6. I believe the transfer window where you don't need to sit out a year has closed. So I would think he would at least play this year and see how it goes.
  7. It appears our transfer recruiting is winding down and to say I'm disappointed is an understatement. On paper (I know games aren't won on paper) we are worse than the 13-18 team a year ago. Lost 2 conference players and our best player before he got hurt to graduation and brought in no where near that talent. I work in finance. If I'm brought in to a company because I have a reputation of brining in big fish then I am expected to perform. Killings was called a recruiter. I don't see that "yet". We had some key players hurt last year and that can help. Really need the freshman to take a large step up. Hopefully the new recruits come in playing hard. I will always root for Albany but at least right now 10 wins would be the Vegas over / under unless there is marked , marked , marked improvement from the returning players , which is always possible.
  8. My guess is that we are having trouble signing people. This kid can score the ball. Defense is not good. Not good at all but hopefully can be taught that. To this point it has been a completely underwhelming transfer period but I wont make any judgements until it's over.
  9. On paper (which I know the games are not played ), he is not a bad player. It's a bad signing. Unless Amica, listed at 6'0, is hurt this is a bad signing. Reports were he was our best player in the fall last year. Now you have LISTED, 5'10 Edmean. 6'0 Amica. And 6'0 Davis (who I'm sure did not come here for a year to sit the bench.) All small point guards who really can't play together. I know Amica is hurt a lot but if we can get lucky and he plays I would expect him to play 25-30 mins a game and have a real Impact. Does not leave much for 2 guys. Seems very much like a waste.
  10. Malik Edmead has committed. That's all I have to say about that.
  11. From Twitter: Cornell transfer guard Sarju Patel ( @sar_juice ) has now heard from Canisius, Chattanooga, Niagara, UIC, & Furman in the last week. 10+ other programs have contacted. Patel's stats in Ivy play were 22 MPG, 10.1 PPG, 3.6 RPG, 52% from the field, and 43% from three. Patel has heard from The Citadel, Siena, and UAlbany this week. Will have an in-home visit with UAlbany soon. Chattanooga also is in the mix.
  12. My honest opinion is..... maybe a little. .. The first couple of years with it being new I would assume attendance will be up. But unless we put a better team on the court, and maybe a new conference, I don't see a huge jump in attendance overall. Plus I hope Albany does not get cute and raise prices. If anything they should lower prices, get people in the door, have a good time, and raise them gradually. But I have no confidence that will happen.
  13. For me it is the people who run the parking. It's atrocious. People not knowing that you need to be a season ticket holder to go to the Sefcu lot. Holding up the line. It's really bad. Have someone out front to direct people !!!!!! It's not that hard. The athletic department has to see this and the fact they do nothing about it is mind boggling. Simple things like this are the reason I dislike our AD.
  14. My guess is we could join in the fall. We are already there for football and I would not take much to add us for other sports. But again it's a guess. That's if we are even invited. Haha
  15. I absolutely agree that he played very well at Binghamton but I'm sorry he can't shoot(At least not last year). He shot 38 percent overall and 31 percent from 3. Those numbers are very very poor for a 5th year senior playing the 4 position. He averaged 3.8 rebounds a game in 21 minutes. Again not very good at all. We should be able to find someone better then that and hopefully with more eligibility.
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