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  1. Correct. If they want to return for another season they can.
  2. It's not my favorite but he was a hell of a college player. Played in the NBA. And had been an assistant for 8 years on some pretty good teams. I would not dismiss him right out of the blue.
  3. One this you guys have not brought up is the new coach wanting them back. We do have some talent but if that talent does not work the way the new coach wants then they are gone.
  4. Good question: the answer is today thorough next month. Lol If you want to hire a coach not coaching or a team already done with the season u can. (Not going to conduct interviews when team is still playing). If you want to wait for their season to end then it will take longer. It's a chess game . We are a lower midmajor so we need to get our guy before even job opens up and our guy wants to go there. I really hope it's that good D2 coach or a splash. But I'm guessing it will be a dud...
  5. I would image almost every schools budget exploded because of covid... I'm not sure how Buffalo, Binghamton, and Stony Brook did this year ? I expect a bailout of some kind. We will see.
  6. Also another question is : Do most lower major basketball programs conduct a national search ? Benson made that clear in his statement. To me that means we wants to go big. Or at least attempt it . Not hire some no name guy. Again I could be 100 percent wrong.
  7. I'm not sure it will be that fast. Normally teams hire around the final 4 or so . No team is going to let anyone interview with the season going on. Unless we hire someone not currently coaching I could see it take upto a month or so. Interviews will take a couple of weeks after the coaches season is over.
  8. The question is: is that a deal breaker for you? Or anyone. If he was sorry and making himself a better person then I say it was a mistake and move on .
  9. Not great but coaches make mistakes. I don't think that's a deal breaker. (But maybe people won't agree) . I believe this guy can coach. We would not need to wait to interview coaches after the season. He could get to work right away and see if he can keep anyone . Just a thought. Not sure what everyone thinks about him . But he can coach .
  10. I'm not 100 percent sure . I don't think anything crazy. It was an undisclosed reason.
  11. I'm not an expert but one name off the top of my head is Patrick Beilein. Son of former Michigan coach . Was an excellent D2 coach. Got into trouble last year but has since apologized. I would love to see this happen . Would he stay a while . No. But can he coach . Hell yeah. I would not mind him at all. But that's just off the top of my head .
  12. Because he has barely any coaching experience. A couple at Siena . Then at albany (basketball operations, barely a coach) . Then a couple at UMASS. Barely .500. No thanks. If we need to settle for that then I'll accept it . We want to go after a coach on an extremely successful team, that has been there for approximately 5 years . Someone who as learned a system and what it takes to be successful. Not a .500 team.. No way !!!!
  13. I have enjoyed reading this blog today. A lot of passionate fans. I read something interesting on Twitter today. The post was that Siena is basketball around here and Benson wants to turn Albany into a Football / Lacrosse school. If true this hire will tell us. If we hire a true nobody from nowhere then this is true. I hope not to be the case but a commitment to the program must be in the works.
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