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All 5 Starters Return??????????

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Should be real interesting because all 5 starters return from this years team. If Brown starts


Wilson, Perry, Jordan , Dyson, and Zoellner that would be 5 new starters. From what I hear Perry will be the teams best 3 pt. shooter and best perimeter defender. He played in a big time JUCO league and scored alot of pts. and hit alot of 3's. Hit 13 in one game as a frosh.

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Even if that isn't the starting lineup the starters should stay the same for the next couple of years unless Q or Wyatt starts next year. Even then, returning four out of five starters isn't too bad.

Can Perry really be that good that he knocks Iati out of the starting lineup?

If he is that's quite a backcourt.

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I think you might have to start Q.... it's very rare that a Freshman can come in an be better than a Senior..... But I guess we'll see when practice comes... Thre really aren't very many freshman bigs that are talented enough to start. at this level.... If they were really good then they go to a higher level..... at least on the good teams anyways.

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I don't see the point of not starting Iati. While I understand the addition of this year's class and the two transfers means someone has to sit, why would you put Iati on the bench and limit his minutes? Yes he is more a shooter than a point guard, but the kid started almost every game last season and you expect him to willfully accept a seat on the bench in his sophomore year? Put yourself in his shoes, would you rather play after being a main contributor your first year or watch from the sidelines and come in to spell people or shoot at the end? Wyatt and Q had to realize that they lucked into a situation where there was more playing time available due to the lack of a frontcourt, so they won't be shocked if they aren't among the starting five, but I think Iati is a different situation.


What if Iati is benched and wants to leave? The erases the class of Iati, Martin and Hughes non-existent.


One other question I have for the rest of the Albany fans. I know we are all optimistic about double-digit wins, but has anyone stepped back and realized that the addition of Jordan and Wilson means there are four people on the court who want to score? Not to mention the newcomers. If the Lakers have proved anything, its that having a scorer at every position doesn't translate to chemistry. At the end of last season, Levi tried hard to take over games and that led to turnovers and poor defense. Jordan came to Albany to be the guy, but Jamar, Levi and Iati also relish that role. Coach Brown is going to have to massage some egos if the going gets tough early on.

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The team won five games this past year with the five guy's that started. The program finally has alot more talent and depth and now you are concerned about individuals playing time?? This is DI basketball. It is competitive and cut throat. It is about winning and having a positive experience. I think all the kid's like Albany and like Coach Brown. Now they just need to win.


From all that I have gathered is that Coach Brown loves Iati so I don't think Iati will struggle with minutes. He played 40 mpg this past year. He'll probably play 28-30 next year and be even more effective.


Levine is a complimentary player. He is not a go to guy! He is a good 4th option.


All I know is that Wilson, Jordan, and Zoellner will get most of the offensive touches. Iati would be next and then Levine. So I guess Levine will be a 5th option. Now thats pretty good 5th option. Iati's job will be to run the offense and make open shots.


Levie will probably average 8-10 ppg on this team and be a good solid player.


St. Hillaire and Wyatt will bring athleticism! I really like St. Hillaire!


JUCO Brandon Perry is suppose to be a big time 3 pt. shooter!


The four freshman will have to earn time! I am sure one or two will play but it will be tough for all four to play!


Knotts will have a front row season ticket on the bench and Johnson will struggle to play. He probably will be a defensive specialist and play a little off the bench.


After watching this team struggle to score we can't have enough scorers on the roster! I for one am excited about the possibilities of this team!

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Daneman - not sure if it's managing egos as much as it is managing expectations. These kids were all recruited because they had no scorers, had no height...They were promised big minutes. Levine, Iati, St. Hillaire were all very valuable last year. Brown has to manage them as well as all of the new players - have them accept their roles and keep team cohesion.


What will make UA good is the diverse skill set - post players, perimeter players and slashers. Hard to find a team with that diversity in the America East - clearly there are some - Vermont obviously.


They will be .500 next year.

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One factor that will bring unity to the team next year to a very different team is the fact that the older, more mature members will be witnessing more victories. They will use this new experience to encourage any method - hopefully, cooperation will be the main ingredient - to continue winning.


It will be exciting finally to reap the hard efforts that the coaching staff and administration have invested in this new endeavor. I enjoyed watching this team struggle valiantly against strong odds every night they played, but I am planning to savor every success next season.

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I don't think you can have a full roster (which we never had) and not have some guys feeling they should play more. Winning should cure some of that, also understanding your role and for the young guys, seeing that the guys getting more playing time are upperclassmen and that your time will come.

From the outside looking in, this doesn't seem like a team with a bunch of prima donnas. The only time I thought that was a problem was when Gallup was here under Beeten. Nothing against Gallup but they ran a ton of offense for him and when he wasn't shooting well the team stunk. When Brown took over he spread out the offense and had more success which is what I assume he'll do next year which a bunch of guys who can score.

If you want to look at a problem that seems to be waiting to happen just to look to Loudonville. They brought in 5 guards this year. I discuss $iena hoops alot with some people and work and we are mystified. Maybe it will work out for them but they will be carrying 8 or 9 guards this year. Seems like alot more potential for hard feelings there.

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UA hasnt had a full roster and we still had guys feeling like they should play more. But, when the team scores 36 points in a game, I guess you cant blame them. Once the team gets some W's, hopefully everything will gel. I cant imagine Q starting next year, he wast even expected to start this last year. But he earned it and played hard, so we will see. For once, it should be a fun winter at the RACC. And we can start off the year by beating the 'Aints.

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Daneman - not sure if it's managing egos as much as it is managing expectations. These kids were all recruited because they had no scorers, had no height...They were promised big minutes - reeder.



I'm not sure that's how Brown recruits.


I would hope his sales pitch dealt with opportunity to be part of building a winner at Albany and the opprtunity to compete for time not guaranteed/promised minutes.


The one thing for sure is that the guys will have to compete hard in practice to get the minutes and little nagging injuries won't be complained about and guys won't be looking to sit out practices because their may be someone sitting the bench who will seize the moment - take a spot and not relinquish it.


In the past there were plenty of time guys like Jamar, Levi and Iati should of had a place on the bench to get some instructions, reminded of their role or get some rest but with no one to replace them they were forced to play through their rough time and fatigue.

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