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Gallup playing pro in Denmark

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I couldn't find the newspaper story on this but there's a story on his agents website. They describe his as a great shooter and says he "dunks in a spectacular way." I'm not sure I ever saw that part of his game.


E.J. Gallup signs in Amsterdam after great Court Side Camp


E.J. Gallup played for Coastal Carolina University in the Big South Conference. He became First Team All Conference after having a great senior year this past season with 17,2ppg and 3,1rpg. He showed his main strength from behind the arch with 43,4%! E.J. transferred from the University of Albany to Coastal for the Spring semester of 2002, becoming eligible in December 2002. Was one of the top freshman scorers in NCAA Division One at the University of Albany in 2000-´01. E.J. will turn 23 on September 26 and is expected to have a succesfull first season in Europe!

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Here is the team: http://www.eurobasket.com/NEDteam.asp?Team=460

No one I recognize there.


Here is the league: http://www.eurobasket.com/ned/d1.asp

The league, Eredivisie looks like the higher of the two leagues, however as you'll read below the competition overall is pretty bad.


If you look at the best player on his team (league MVP), he played at Campbell - same conference (Big South) as EJ's Coast Carolina team. So they must have an "in" there to get the Netherlands' scouts looking.


An Introduction to the league from Eurobasket:

"The “Nederlandse Basketball Bond” was founded on July 15, 1947. Between 1945 and 1966 Amsterdam was one of the best teams of the Netherlands. In the 70’s the first American players came to play basketball in the Netherlands. At that time Haarlem was the top team and the Dutch top teams played in the top cups of European clubs competitions. It was also the beginning of American players with Dutch passports. Between the seasons 1978-79 and 1987-88 Den Bosch won all championship tittles, with the exception of 1981-1982 when Groningen surprised them once. Den Helder and Den Bosch were the best clubs between 1988-89 and 1997-98. In last years Amsterdam controls the Dutch competition.

      For American players, the Netherlands is an ideal start for a great professional European career. Most people talk English (not such common in many other Euro countries) and it is a good beginning to learn the European culture and customs. In Europe the Netherlands has a C-level (A are for example Turkey, Spain and Greece and B United Kingdom and Belgium) but overall it is a solid level league. The salaries with the division I teams are between 1,000 and 4,000 U.S. dollar / month (although some exceptions are very common) and other costs (car, accommodation, etc) are covered. The American and Bosman players are full professionals, and the Dutch players are mostly semi-professional. Sometimes import players are being signed by lower division teams, but in this case salaries are not very high.

      The Netherlands (more than 16 million people) is located in north-western Europe. It is bounded by the North Sea on the north and west, by Belgium on the south, and by Germany on the east. Most popular sport in the Netherlands is soccer."

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