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  1. Hey! Sound just kicked in. Radio broadcast?
  2. How's the crowd? They just showed a ground level shot. Looked substantial
  3. Turn on the damn sound. At least then we could hear the stats, etc.
  4. Normally you get nat sound (crowd noise, etc.). I dont hear anything on the webcast. Anyone else?
  5. I thought select few were on ESPN3, like a few were last year?
  6. They have an iPhone app with the network streaming. Ill be watching it on my phone while wine tasting in Napa
  7. How much of that #13 ranking is based on the 2nd team being in there for half of the Drexel game and 1/3 of the UMass game. They gave up 5 goals in the 4th against Umass with the 2nd team in there. #13 Defense?? Still no respect!We’re third in goals against, but Massey ranks “Defensive power for prevent opponent from scoring”. I didn’t see what his formula is, assume he adjusts for strength of schedule or opponent’s offense I should think that a lot of it has to do with scores per possessions. That would seem to be a more fair way. UA does ok on Total goals because of a high powered offense, time of possession and FO. I could be dead wrong.
  8. Poll Question

    An FCS football championship would bring more money and notoriety to the university. and bigger TV ratings. I'm pretty sure the FCS championship outdraws the lax championship on ESPN.
  9. Poll Question

    FCS. Football is king.
  10. Cornell

    How's the crowd..besides cold and annoyed at the officialting.
  11. Think about this. This program has the #1 player in the sport, the #1 recruit in the sport, the #2 face-off man. That's pretty damn impressive!
  12. Interest from Kentucky. Looks like he'd be a steal.
  13. I'll let you guys get the rags and kerosene out.. https://www.timesunion.com/sports/article/UAlbany-football-coach-gets-contract-extension-12561920.php?utm_campaign=twitter-desktop&utm_source=CMS%20Sharing%20Button&utm_medium=social
  14. ESPN+ and New ESPN App Coming

    When I read the announcement it read that espn3 would still be free if you have ESPN. The 4.99 appears to be a standalone service