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  1. Looks like the philly connection is strong https://www.verbalcommits.com/players/ny-mire-little According to verbal commits, he's a 6' 4", 0 lbs shooting guard. I hope he hits the buffet a little harder.
  2. So since we have Paul Newman committed, are we hoping he's more of a hot hand than a cool hand? I'll show myself out...
  3. Our first new recruit https://www.verbalcommits.com/players/matt-cerruti
  4. Classy way to go out here. https://twitter.com/Tehoka1/status/1377330777034272773/photo/1
  5. At my TV network, I've seen three different movie rough cuts where they mention Albany and each time it was mispronounced. I made them ADR (automated dialoguer replacement: when you fix a character's dialogue in post) each time.
  6. https://twitter.com/Andrew__Slater/status/1373696004999032840
  7. DK is right. A rising tide lifts all and friendly competition would raise the profile of both schools. Look up the history of MGM studios about how they developed an industry through cooperative competition. Few people get rich based on principles alone. That being said there needs to be equity in the final decision.
  8. The optimism on this guy is through the roof. We already have him leaving in 4 years because of his future massive success!
  9. Brutal honesty here. Maybe we move away from posting instagrams like this. You can actually do instagram on a webbrowser and just cut and paste that link. Keeps the board cleaner, me thinks. I do appreciate you sharing the information though and want to encourage its continuance.
  10. I just loved that he said he wants us to be an elite program. Elite to me, transcends the AE, which is what we have all wanted. Strong OOC, plus being highly competitive inside the AE. It feels like he's connected to the outside world of high level coaching and talent much more so than we've been in the past.
  11. Asses in the Seats. That was one of my biggest complaints about Brown. At times, it seemed that didn't care about building the program and making it exciting for the community. Btw, that is different than being involved in community activities, to clarify
  12. "I want to keep anyone who wants to be there". Wow. This doesn't feel like a low major hire mentality wise. This feels like a big league hire. Yes. I'm giddy.
  13. https://www.verbalcommits.com/players/brendan-coyle
  14. He moves fast. Jeez Jake @jakeweingarten · 2h Marquette transfer Symir Torrence tells @Stockrisers he’s heard from the following schools: South Carolina, VCU, Wake Forest, UMass, Siena, Albany. Former four-star recruit appeared in 52 games
  15. I can't think of a box that isn't checked with this guy. Young Experienced Recruiting background Personable Cares about the community Uptempo Offense Anything else I'm missing?
  16. Don't you have some children to yell at for standing on your property?
  17. Wow. No grass growing under this guy. Impressive. Could these be Marquette role players he likes for our level?
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