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  1. Thinking it's a business decision by the Times Union. UA athletics has been pouring advertising dollars towards the TU over the last few years. That kind of coverage kills the golden goose. UAlbany has many former TU staffers working for them now. Piss off the school with your coverage, sport reporters won't get access to the locker room or and beat reporters will get less access to on campus people. That's how the game is played and both sides know it.
  2. It's interesting that the court made clear that they are NOT saying the University is in compliance with Title IX (seemingly acknowledging they are not.) The optics aren't good when trying to recruit. Female high school athletes think 2x about coming to Albany just making the problem worse. I also looked at the reported enrollment numbers. Looks to be nearly 500 more women now than men. It's been a few years but the last time I looked those numbers the school was nearly even and sometimes even had more males enrolled. That's a big shift in a short period. If enrollment is changing that dramatically, how does the school get into compliance?!! EDIT: 520 more women than men as of June 30, 2020 report.
  3. Reading the article and the trying to get through the ruling. Basis of the dismissal appears to be because the school has current agreement with the Office of Civil Rights. And court doesn't want to step in while in effect? Am I reading that correctly?What happens if school doesn't meet the deadline?Note: Notwithstanding my love for rowing and previous advocacy for the addition of Women's Crew, I recognize that ship sailed (or rowed) long ago. Bummer but reality sets in at some point.
  4. Sadly, I've been heads down for a few months now. If it weren't for twitter, it would have take a few weeks for me to figure out the score of the game. So there's that at least.
  5. Anyone see this article? Towards the bottom is includes a small part about UAlbany owing the NCAA $30,000 for hosting the first round of football playoffs. https://www.timesunion.com/sports/article/Low-turnout-for-UAlbany-football-playoff-victory-14873033.php
  6. Insert edit: I like <winning> football May my otherwise lame effort to lighten the mood not go down in flames
  7. I'm definitely older than you! Probably dating myself to some degree but there used to be a ton of PE classes including swimming classes (I took one. Great 1 credit class.) There was a swimming (and diving?) team too. I don't know if there is a local market for pool rentals though.
  8. Was hoping I read incorrectly. Need to find it again. Regardless, just terrible. What were they planning on doing with it? That I don't remember.
  9. Did I read correctly that they are getting rid of the pool? Or are renovations in the works for it too?
  10. I agreed insomuch as it only works when it's a budget priority. It does not appear to be.
  11. I should have asked this differently - was the offer to join the CAA extended at the same time as football? Or did it come up afterwards?
  12. Do you know when the offer was extended? How does something like that play out?
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