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  1. LaSalle moving the ball and distributing, UA playing one on one ball again. Not a fan of the style.
  2. Such bad luck for him. I wish him well. His college career just never took off for a kid that was pretty highly regarded for a mid major.
  3. As far as parking is concerned, I'm glad I got there as early as I did, yet I still had to wait in a long line to get into the SEFCU lot. Part of this was the no hang tags, but part of it was the lack of signage coming from the western Ave entrance. They really need to put up some directions and find a way to streamline the entrance. It was painful. That said, if there are a few more stinkers of a game it probably will work itself out with no fans at the game anyway. I hope the attendance stays high, we pack the place, and even if they don't win, they put on a good show to keep people excited to attend. This OOC is tough, everyone is new, and it will take time to get everything to gel. The Albany community is fickle. Win and people show up. Lose and only the die hards remain.
  4. There definitely has been a resurgence of team ball in the NBA that has coincided with the rise of the sharp shooter and Curry. My lost interest was in the late 90s early 00s when that was most prevalent. The ISO game can work when you have freaks that can't be stopped or when shooting is on, but in the college game you need ball movement and team involvement. This is especially true when shots aren't falling. You get almost no offensive boards this way, and the team can't get into any rhythm offensively. Towson passed up good shots to get the ball to a player that had a better shot who gave it up for someone who had even a better shot. They weren't lighting up the gym percentage wise but were taking good shots almost everytime down the floor. Our team was on the perimeter while someone tried to force a shot through double and triple coverage in some cases. That may have been the game plan, but it isn't pleasant to watch when the shots aren't falling.
  5. After almost a day, I'm now more ok with the loss. New coach, new team, new everything. We knew we had to temper early season expectations here. I just hope the standing room only crowd comes back on next Wednesday. My biggest concern is still that it didn't feel like they had an offensive plan, or at least didn't stick to it. I don't like the isolate for one on one game with the rest of the team standing around. It's why I stopped following the NBA. I hope it's just growing pains, and I'll try to remain positive through an extremely difficult OOC schedule.
  6. I know they played a better opponent. Was joking about the margin of loss.
  7. Rest of the AE sucked as well. SBU blown out. Harford blown out. No D1 wins for the league as of now. Bing still playing but they are down by 8.
  8. Definitely would not want to be on this team after the coaches break down the film. Next practice is going to be rough. This game was a team with solid ball movement and passing vs. a team that tries to play NBA style one on one. We had a player make a move to the hoop and the rest of the team stand around the arc. No boxing out. No communication. At least 3 steals from a Towson player coming from behind. Cold shooting. Really nothing went well. Honestly it looked like Reddish was the best player on the floor. He hit his shots, made his free throws, and had some nice passes. we were out rebounded, out shot, got doubled up on assists. If Towson makes their free throws it's a 35 point loss. Team clearly has the athletes, but they did not play as a team. I won't give up hope, but I entered the building excited, and exited it bewildered.
  9. Thought he did as well, but his name wasn't in the box score. End of the day this team is playing too much 1 on 1. Only 6 assists as a team with 12 minutes left. No distribution.
  10. Everyone has played so far except Aaron Reddish, Will Amica, and Jamel Horton. Reddish we knew was a project with his athleticism, but the other two were supposed to get significant time. Anyone know what's up? Injuries?
  11. No idea, but I'd guess if you bought them tonight there might be a delay. It shows up as a different category in the ticket account. I see a section for football tickets, football parking passes, basketball tickets, and basketball parking passes.
  12. A quick look at the site looking to buy tickets by the seat shows lots of openings, but a fairly decent crowd if the students show up in force.
  13. 350 season ticket holders or season tickets? I have 4....
  14. Looking forward to seeing what the rotation looks like. Still have another year of Horton then Little and Amica in the wings. How much time will they get now? Will DK go with the traditional 8-9 man rotation, or will he really push the tempo and go deeper? Who is going to sit? Really can't wait!
  15. Has anyone received parking passes in the mail for this game? It appears that I have them in my ticket account, but I haven't received anything at home. Not sure if we show the parking people the item in our phones instead of the rearview mirror hanger?
  16. all-around you might be right, but when looking at the roster there is no traditional division 1 center. No one at 6'10" or higher. Don't think that matters that much as we have size top to bottom.
  17. Install the duck duck go browser on your phone. You can clear your history and cookies and it will reset your views of a site. I mean we should support the local media and help them stay in business with paying for their services, but the paywall article issue is a non-issue if you use that browser. As far as the team goes: I went the first home game of the year and traveled to Syracuse to see them in the dome, but have not used my season tickets since. I have great seats and a SEFCU parking pass and I can't find anyone to GIVE them to, much less try to get a few bucks for them. I have lost all interest in the team. I was never a football guy to start with, but definitely had fun going to the game with family and/or friends. Now it feels like an utter waste of money.
  18. Very detailed conference preview: https://www.three-man-weave.com/3mw/america-east-2022-preview
  19. Greatest sports moment of pretty much all of our lives that were there. I was going through all photos and cell phone videos a few months ago and found one of my kids dancing on the floor and at one point I planned over to the sea of red just standing there in disbelief. Such a great memory that will live on forever.
  20. His last contract was coming off 3 straight NCAA Tournament appearances and a freak upset loss in the AE tournament at the hands of a ridiculously hot shooting Pancake. Not sure there was any reason to "tear the band-aid off" sooner. I mean this contract had an almost upset win in the AE tournament in Burlington, then was derailed by the transfer of the two big stars at the same time and the scramble to rebuild from that. To me it was a victim of circumstance. Now making a move feels right at this time as the program needed a refresh for the local fans and new world of athletics, but pretty much everyone was onboard with a contract for life for WB when the last negotiations happened.
  21. Can't make it tonight, but I'm a fan of Mixed Breed and wish I could go. Hopefully someone that attends can post some info after the event.
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