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  1. Left at the start of the 4th quarter because my son wasn't feeling well after a track meet and then an 8am practice today. Positives: attendance was actually great at 8k+ .... The students came out in force. After the 1st quarter the defense actually came together and played well. Negatives: what to say that hasn't already been said. OLine couldn't stop a high school team. Special teams left us all scratching our heads. Play calling seemed as week as I have seen since we knew Sussman was gonna run it whenever he entered the game. Team has potential to be good, but I'm gonna say that this is not a playoff team unless something can change before the next CAA game.
  2. I just used the great Dane app and used it to get into ticket return. Didn't need Google play at all
  3. For the record, on Android there was absolutely no issues getting the tickets into the UA Sports app. It just worked when I signed in.
  4. Just checked the ticket site for an unofficial look at how many seats are still available. At this moment, it looks like anyone can get a good seat just about everywhere. Hopefully there will be a lot of walk-ups or people buying tickets throughout this week. A win last weekend at NDSU would have helped, but the school needs to put out some marketing now. Outside of a few pop-ups on social media and the UA site, I haven't seen anything. People want to get out. I am sure COVID has some people scared, but that isn't stopping other venues from filling up. The COVID excuse only goes so far. This is the home opener. "Support your Great Danes before they travel to take on the Syracuse Orange" "Come see the Walter Payton Award Watch List Undercuffler and Mofor before they move to the NFL" "Sick of being stuck at home? Come out and catch COVID while the Danes Catch Passes by JUC" "Tailgaiting starts 4 hours before gametime! Come Party in the parking lot. Just stay sober enough to come and see your Great Danes!"
  5. On TV it looks like it was out of his hand before he crossed the line, and the call was wrong, but the angle wasn't good and was impossible to tell the exact moment. If that was the only angle the refs had they wouldn't have enough evidence to overturn the call on the field. Even at the highest budget levels of FCS it doesn't seem there are enough camera angles. Worked out in our favor this time. So we got that going for us. Which is nice.
  6. Almost 2 minutes into the game ESPN hasn't started. Thankfully we have the radio
  7. Not a lot of chatter for the opener against a FCS powerhouse. Hopefully the activity here (or lack there of) doesn't translate to low fan interest this season. 1 hour to kickoff. Excited for a sense of normalcy and some Great Dane Football!
  8. yes I meant the BPG not P&G - sorry typing too fast. I am hoping the Purple and Gold game starts again this year, and Killings pushes to have additional preseason events to help build some additional area support. Midnight madness, meet & greet, open practice sessions, that type of stuff. For all the things I liked about WB, his secrecy and closed doors always scared away some potential fans.
  9. Which will be the Purple and Gold Game this year? Sat Home Games: 1/15 NJIT 1/22 SBU 2/12 UVM 2/19 NH I am hoping it is New Hampshire. Students wont be back yet for the NJIT game, SBU and UVM always draw well anyway, leaving NH as the game I would target for that event if I was the UA Marketing Team. It will probably be UVM though, but that's a wasted opportunity IMHO... SBU would be my second choice if they wanted to help build some buzz to help attendance for the rest of the season.
  10. Definitely a great schedule. Disappointed with only 4 games at home in 2021, but I'll take the schedule.
  11. https://videos-fms.jwpsrv.com/0_612e709e_0x54dffff264369380f9ba17beb4f4bf8fffe7dd51/content/conversions/f7sgzZuL/videos/eJt3XPA1-22582261.mp4
  12. http://www.bisonville.com/forum/showthread.php?41846-Albany-Preview-(opener)
  13. 100% agreed. I met him a few times and he was so nice. He impressed me with his ball handling and feet for his size during the purple and gold games, but it never translated onto the court. He always seemed a step slow and foul prone. I always rooted for him. Good luck to him wherever he lands if he keeps playing, or in the real world if his playing days are over.
  14. https://ualbanysports.com/sports/mens-basketball/roster Roster looks like it is updated, so I guess that answers the Brent Hank questions....
  15. I'm not one to complain about pricing. I don't complain about parking costs, I am all for the University charging as much as they can. What I do complain about is how they market these expenses. Why are my tickets showing as a face value of $15? You would think they want to show the value of purchasing season tickets! 5 Home Games X 4 Tickets X $15 each = $300 had I purchased each ticket individually Season Ticket cost = $624 ($212 for the deposit and then $412 for the remainder because of the web purchase fee of $12 on each transaction). I know that $200 of that is my GDAC donation, but at least make the face value of my seats $20 so it looks like I got my tickets for face value instead of $5 above face value by purchasing season tickets. MARKETING IS IMPORTANT! Am I missing something? To me, it feels like I actually made a $300 GDAC donation. Yes I should get a parking pass for the extra $100, but last season (2 years covid I know) I got Dutch Quad parking because I hadn't donated over $250 year to date at that time (just the $200 for my tickets) even though I would be donating again come basketball season. Is there any spot to see our GDAC standing currently? It used to be in my account when purchasing tickets. I do not see it any more.
  16. @cwdickens ... why the confused response? I will root for him to have a great game because even though he left he is still purplefam to me and he was a great part of the Albany community over the last few years, but I still want him to lose to UA. Maybe I wasn't clear
  17. Hadn't put 2 and 2 together. Season opener is at home and vs. Antonio Rizzuto. Does he get cheered or booed? I personally will root for him to have a great game in a losing effort.
  18. Who knows that the schedule will bring with all the recent changes.... I'm hoping nothing. https://twitter.com/BillM_Albany/status/1428399022428000256?s=19
  19. I'll be there. My Boss has season tickets for Syracuse, and he gave them to me for this game. Front row of the upper section at the 50 yard line. Basically the same spot I am in at Casey Stadium. Looking forward to wearing purple in the middle of a sea of Orange.
  20. https://www.ncaa.org/about/resources/media-center/news/division-i-council-extends-eligibility-student-athletes-impacted-covid-19 The same rules were extended after the 19-20 season to apply for the 20-21 season. https://www.twincities.com/2021/03/19/extra-ncaa-eligibility-is-available-to-players-but-will-schools-help/ College Athletes that were in their last year of eligibility last year were all granted an additional year of eligibility, and if that extra year is taken, the scholarship will not count towards the teams limit. This only works for players that would have exhausted their eligibility last season. Apparently its different for Spring Sports such as LAX https://lanthorn.com/81318/sports/understand-the-ncaa-covid-19-eligibility-extensions/
  21. I'm only counting 16. Champion and Doles dont count towards the limit as covid seniors returning, Let etc and Fizulich are walk-ons, that brings us to 14. My thought is that Hank isn't returning, but there hasn't been any announcements of that. He just hasn't been mentioned on any of the Instagram posts.
  22. I feel like we are all gonna be surprised with the athleticism of the team this year. Aaron Reddish is still raw, but I'm betting we see big things from him as well. I've said it before, but one more time: if Amica is healthy, I'm betting he is the biggest surprise on the team, maybe in the league. In the little I saw of him, he reminds me of a faster David Nichols.
  23. It's that time of year again ... you know the time when us UA Basketball addicts get starved for news and info. I know we try not to share links to the social media platforms because we can all go there on our own, but I know many of us shun twitter and instagram. The UA Instagram site posted a teaser video on their summer practices. Always great to see video of what we have to look forward to. https://www.instagram.com/p/CSfimAmnND9/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  24. Way too many offers to even think about posting any of them. Our verbal commits page is looking like Bryant's.... That said, I see we offered a ZION!
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