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  1. @UA1882 obviously if a really good team from the colonial goes 26-4 but loses in the conference tournament they have a much higher chance of making the dance then say vermont or new hampshire. I dont want to insult my intelligence but I hope your kidding. The colonial and mac are much higher and better leagues then the America East.
  2. @Eli while I appreciate your enthusiasm I will choose to disagree. Albany is not a mid major program, never has been, never will be. Again, atlantic ten, mac, wac, colonial , conference usa, etc. if your team has to win its conference tournament it is a low major one bid school. Appreciate the enthusiasm anyways. Not to break the bubble but ua is not.
  3. Using gonzaga as an argument as the lone mid major team is ridiculous they are obviously the exception.
  4. https://ausahoops.com/what-are-the-different-levels-of-college-basketball/ Here you go! I dont care whether you think america east basketball is something above what it is or not, like I said I like the lower level and the conference tournaments. They are one bid leagues not sure why thats hard to understand.
  5. Totally agree! Funny someone would consider a mid major a team that has to literally win there conference tournament each year to even be considered to make the ncaa. That is low division one, one bid basketball. Nothing wrong with it I actually like it more the conference tournament is great!
  6. Vermont is not a mid major, conferences determine what level you are in. Mid majors include atlantic ten, colonial, mountain west, conference usa, missouri valley. As a general rule to help you if a team plays in a league with only one bid to tournament, that league and all of its teams are considered low division one. As for Vermont, while the blue blood of the america east, in any season if they do not win the league championship they do not go to ncaa tournament. Not a mid major program. Having a nice team or few good seasons does not change that.
  7. Just to be clear albany is not mid major.. america east and maac are considered low division one schools. I laugh when I hear people call america east mid major. Mid major is atlantic ten, caa, wac, mac , mountain west etc. high major is the power conferences sec, acc big ten, big 12 pac12. Low division one would be america east, maac and nec regionally. All the other one bid school leagues as well.
  8. @Dane Pound right on! Dont forget anderson and amica the frosh join in too. Rizzuto flipped the switch late, lulka and hank should both add depth to reserve spots, gotta wait and see who we get as we badly need athletic bigs. The horton kid is 6’5 handles well can score from anywhere and most importantly, creates off dribble. They need two grad transfer or juco bigs now!
  9. Healy will be all conference candidate, hutch was all rookie, rizzuto solid anderson solid, amica potentially deadly , still cannot believe ua got him over siena. As for horton, we all agree they need more athletic players who can create own shot. Fact that he is also 6’5 would be why stony brook and umbc fans were salivating for him. Good friend of mine is a umbc fan who said this kid was supposed to be kj jackson with height and handles. Lets get two to three good grad transfers and make a run at a league title!
  10. @Clickclack go back and watch the second half of season hutcheson played the four a lot, stretch four who could not shoot but brown loved him. Is an excellent rebounder. At 6’5 horton is a typical three man in america east, rizzuto who is 6’0 played some three last year. Grad transfers is the new way of the ncaa. Vermont got a rock solid center in murphy and a player of the year candidate 6’5 athletic guard who is a stud few days ago. Hopefully ua can get a couple nice players looking for instant playing time in the post or swing position. @nysteve661 stony brook lost three players to transfer including latimer, vermont loses lamb and duncan, i think this ua team is two grad transfers away from being a top four team, yet again!
  11. As for being recruited over for malachi , yes he is. Amica and anderson will be playing one that leaves from 2-4 the combination of horton, healy, rizzuto and hutcheson along with other kids they bring in. Obviously brown loves hutcheson, obviously healy should start at the 2, leaving malachi to battle horton rizzuto and any other new comer for the three spot. With how great horton is reportedly, i dont think de sousa will be battling. I think he can stay at scholarship levels most likely go d2 and coast. Took me two minutes to see horton will out compete desousa and thats not to mention anyone else they bring in. So far it looks like shaffer may stay if he went we could really get a good collection of grad transfers, its the new way of the ncaa. Vermont is already ahead of the game with grad transfer pipeline!
  12. Bottom line he was a kid who showed flashess of stardom end of frosh season, however he was absolutely awful and looked disconnected this past season. Almost looked like he did not like basketball. Its amazing when we here that french, desousa and doherty are transferring. Makes you wonder what d1 schools want them if any. Off season is off to a great start with these additions by subtractions and the horton signing which is big time (beat stony and umbc). Now we have room for a grad transfer or two! depth chart: pg- amica, anderson sg- healy, rizzuto sf- horton, grad transfer or juco pf- hutcheson, juco or grad transfer, c- juco or grad transfer, lulka, hank
  13. Called it months ago! Drain the swamp! Happy to see another ship!
  14. Im just glad we beat the two newer facility hot coaches of our league for him, kid seems to be just what we need big athletic off the dribble scorer. Agree to disagree in hank, in my opinion he is awful, doesnt mean i dont hear yours about him being a good defender. I definitely do not think hank is a good defender. Seems like a nice kid, seems like a kid if he wants to stay you keep, but will not amount to much. Next years playing group so far: healy, rizzuto, horton, amica, anderson, hutcheson, need more bigs now. Maybe they can sneak desousa in for backup minutes but id prefer UA upgrade hutchesons backup spot as well. As noted, we badly need to add two more bigs hopefully transfers and at least one more bouncy guard. Vermont just picked up a nice grad transfer, looks like there trying to stay at the top.
  15. Disagree on hank wouldnt make roster at many teams in our league, lulka was a good frosh but significantly sucked last year, no coaching. Is not to blame for a kid regressing there adults they take responsibility. Top 5 defenders in league— brent hank!? What!? April fools joke or something? We need new big Men to complement healy, amica anderson and horton. Yes beating stony brook and umbc on the trail is huge, there facilities and bugdet trump UAs
  16. Great size , athletic, can create shot, percentages or not he avgd close to 18ppg in one of best juco leagues. Late bloomer, if we beat out the two best jobs in the league facility wise il take it all day. BIG GET. Watch the film!
  17. Lulka looked like he did not touch a basketball since he frosh season last year! Agreed he was good frosh but WOW- theres step back and then theres total regress, he looked as if he never played basketball!
  18. Any update on shafer, lulka, hank? Any takers or did they enter yet? Would love more open scholarships to get some athletes in. Horton is a big step in right direction. When program was dominant they sprinkled iowa and australian kids in with nyc athletes!
  19. Hortons a stud, and exactly what Ua needed did you see they beat out stony brook and umbc? He is a more skilled kj jackson! Andresons injured but may get a look, Amica will be good but like most freshmen will need more time to get going right away. Based on off season comments and what I have heard about a total gut of the program this staff will be just starting!
  20. Says a lot off such a bad season to beat brook who by the way has lost a lot of starters to transfers and umbc who has way better facilities, I give this pick up an A
  21. This kid is a stud and yes exactly what UA needed. No more cremo and softy players, back to athletic hungry type players! Great get by staff!
  22. Doherty was removed from roster entirely, usually that would mean he is no longer member of program.
  23. Gotta love how they ran him out over player complaints, dod he stop paying them?
  24. You would think just cause he has rizzuto , healey and if they let desousa back ahead of him, plus brown mentioned bringing in teo more guards, amica, and jojo- he wont be stretch four anytime soon. Will most likely not have spot am I right? Why would he stay to ride pine. Team desperately needs a few shot blocking athletic big men.
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