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  1. Also Not having stripes on the pants is just really odd looking. Not sure what the deal is there lol
  2. FloSports is seriously 20$ a month ?? What a ripoff. Garbage content for the price
  3. Don’t think size is gonna be a problem. Our lines, receivers, and DBSs are all significantly bigger than in the past. program seems to be going in the right direction
  4. Only had one first down in the whole second half. also some sloppy turnovers defense played well but they were gassed at the end We’ll see how they play next week, but all things considered I think they’ll be alright after a couple games
  5. Curious as to why amica hasnt seen the floor at all. AFAIK nobody loses a year so I don’t see the point in a redshirt (?)
  6. I don’t mind the black, just wish it was an alternate instead. Purple, gold, and white should be the main uniforms. Also Healy has some nice lettuce there edit: how can we be purplefam and barely have any purple in the unis lol
  7. The photos were updated on the roster and you can get a sneak peak at the New Jerseys
  8. Needed to be part of a Scott marr offense
  9. Realistically even for the CAA, football is a money maker. They’ll do whatever is most profitable
  10. Wow they’re team was absolutely gutted
  11. He is definitely not Saquon Barkley’s cousin, nor does he run a 4.18 40... still a good get imo lol
  12. Kid is legit quick and shifty. Would think gattuso had a huge roll in recruitment here
  13. Never give up your rights. Stay frosty, purple fam
  14. Really don’t see that happening... still have 3 months to figure it out
  15. Past couple years it’s been the two leading scorers and a plethora of guys with 5-7ppg
  16. So does this leave us with one open scholarship for a big?
  17. Just win, baby. Winning solves everything
  18. And the chances that a star player stays all four years at a mid/low major is starting to dwindle as well unfortunately
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