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  1. Three of our group entered from the gate at field level. I'm not sure if that's always available, but I'm pretty sure they would have to have an ADA compliant entrance.
  2. Although the exact $ amount wasn't listed, it was in the * footnote in the GDAC publication I got in the mail.
  3. Other than money?? It's all about the Benjamins.
  4. I see that we won by 10 strokes Quinnipiac, 12 over Dayton, and 31 over Siena.
  5. Really nice article.
  6. I was a hockey coach, so I'm not sure this might be a reason. I've thought that the shot clock has made teams take more shots in general, which they wouldn't have in the past. We always told players to get a shot on goal, as good things will happen, rebounds, goalie mistakes, deflections, etc. We've all seen players not take a reasonable shot to make another pass. The sheer increase in attempts is going to result in additional scoring.
  7. I thought we were trying to add a field house for practice and indoor track.
  8. I remember chanting BEAT ST. ROSE, the response from the other side was BEAT ALBANY HIGH. Those were the days.
  9. Only caught the last 7 minutes. Looked ok for that. It's a win.
  10. All donations run through the Foundation. There's been some inflation. My wife and I gave $1000 for the last lax locker room renovation, which got a recognition plaque on a locker. I got a letter saying the plaque would be transferred to a new locker, but was welcome to contribute for the new campaign.
  11. I heard the Duke students flew Jarius Lyles to their game vs. Virginia
  12. Women crushed Vermont after blowing the game in Burlington. They have really improved during the season.
  13. Maybe you outdated me, but I went to ualbany after a stint in the navy. I could have been alum69 had I gone straight from high school.
  14. I'm probably a lot older than you, so I've seen many persons who have 'resigned', left, moved on, etc. without explanation or much notice. This has happened at organizations I've worked at and at many other universities. We've had at least one AD 'leave' with no explanation. It's pretty common. I'm sure most of us have seen this a lot.
  15. How would a change in a head coach affect title 9 concerns?
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