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  1. What people in Syracuse? What is their issue or interest in Nano?
  2. Went to Patroons game tonight. Quite a good atmosphere. Good crowd and quite loud. Deciding game tomorrow night, but I have to work. Quite a few UAlbany fans in the crowd.
  3. Well, Justin Brown is gone, but I haven't heard anything about recruiting a replacement. Justin was always responsive regarding questions or issues. Athletics definitely needs to have a good customer service person. I hope they are planning to fill the position.
  4. That is bad news for us. Though, probably good news for him.
  5. It doesn't make sense to renovate the pe gym and sefcu at the same time. Where do we practice and/ or play games without incurring a lot of extra expense.?
  6. Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to get you.
  7. I think that renovation is the PE renovation, not SEFCU. Referring to the work not the renderings. Although I heard the gym is well underway, but knowing how the state does construction....
  8. If you are a UA supporter of 1 or 2 teams, maybe you stop financial support, but I am a supporter of all the teams and athletes. I'll continue to support them and try to work to improve or correct problem areas. Hopefully, we'll see the changes in the near future. Problems never seem to get fixed in the timeframe we'd like, but that's true for most areas of our life. I'm in the late autumn of mine and have more patience than during my younger years.
  9. We are not a good rebounding team. Even though we play man to man for the most part, we never seem to even attempt to box out.
  10. I remember my late wife and I playing a very nice golf course after a labor day weekend game. Don't remember the name. It was a Donald Ross course.
  11. They definitely had trouble with the zone defense. Will need to work on that.
  12. There were tee shirts for BPG. Everyone that registered for the feast got a shirt. Same as past years. The Alumni Association provides them.
  13. I was telling my friend this was a perfect trap game. Damn!
  14. I read through the survey and I felt it was poorly executed with none of the possible answers being close to what mine would be to the questions posed. As a result, I skipped it.
  15. I believe those bleachers are broken and won't pull out. probably not worth fixing before makeover.
  16. If we can get 50% of the faceoffs. If we lose 90% we'll be in real trouble.
  17. It has not been used much in many years.
  18. The renovation of the PE building will prevent the feast associated with BPG, so it was moved up.
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