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  1. Disappointing, no hero's at the end of the game when we needed one...
  2. Do you see and/or have heard any impact of the NCAA quarterfinal site at UAlbany in 2023?
  3. With the current budget issues with the sports budget and the NYS budget....getting the "Bubble" fixed may be a stretch.....
  4. On 11-16-2020, I shared this link for an article from the NCAA: https://www.ncaa.com/news/basketball/article/2020-11-11/2020-college-basketball-calendar-schedule-first-games-ncaa-tournament-dates?utm_campaign=inline-article
  5. Peter was a hero on a day we needed a hero....stand up person then, today, tomorrow....the best to the new couple
  6. The stark appearance of the SEFCU interior was deliberate (my opinion) with the sports budget facing a $2 million deficit. The cost of setting up and breaking the seating just adds to the deficit. A stark appearance may work for our advantage against certain teams. Further, when has the SEFCU ever been an"intimate setting"...The most intimate was the Doc Sauers retirement party... Sadly no fans in the stands was known since the end of October....however; if our Sports Admin was forward thinking; a fund raiser by placing picture cut outs of season ticket holders may have raised $125.00 p
  7. pistolpetey_ dahmoe 539 likes pistolpetey_ Forever and always ❤️ With how horrible this year has been, I’ll now forever remember it being perfect. After cancelling our dream Thailand wedding in August, then cancelling our next booking in October. I’m so thankful to have been able to marry my best friend in our own backyard and call you mine forever. A guy from down under marries a girl f
  8. Thank you for explaining yourself.... Link comment had me chuckling... Nothing like edging someone on ...just kidding...keep the faith
  9. Thank you for your input...I just have to say you are the gatekeeper for the forum.
  10. Why would it take a link for you to find UAlbany Women sports? If your watching, why not encourage others to follow?
  11. ....do not use Facebook either....as I explained some of identities that I associate with use Instagram...helps with the updates and during the COVID-19 and staying close to home...nice to see what is happening with different views...
  12. Congratulations to the UAlbany Women's Basketball on winning the 1st conference game of the season ....nice job UAalum72....other than your posting followed by mine ....no one else on the forum seems to follow UAlbany Women's basketball... whoops... bob87 and Jimbo have commented on UAlbany Women's Basketball recently thank you
  13. I subscribe to Instagram for variety of interests...including sports (ex. MLB, America East, Inside Lacrosse, UAlbany Sports, NCAA), history, breweries, places that I love to visit, locally owned shops and businesses that need our support...even the Hudson-Helderberg Rail Trail has an Instagram account....just did not know one could confuse that easily a number of UAlbany graduates....Further, I do not understand why I have to lead people to a conclusion...follow the link or not ... does not matter to me... This sad after seeing some of things posted here in the past....by some of the same peo
  14. Then your missing another source about conference happenings and information ..... I glad that I do not rely on just the bigpurplefan forum....Instagram is great for getting those news flashes. Further, nearly if not all the UAlbany teams have Instagram accounts and post regularly. Further, many UAlbany alumni have accounts and keep people updated...the Thompson's, Blaze Riodren, Connor Fields...By the way...not into Facebook....
  15. I saw America East Conference posting to their accounts that we all may find interesting....they involve replays of significant moments in women's games played recently and a statement from one of our rivals... https://www.instagram.com/americaeast/
  16. Lifted from the UAlbany MBB Instagram account follow the line below: https://www.instagram.com/ualbany_mbb/
  17. A link from Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ualbany_mbb/ Game on.......
  18. As I recall from last evening's newscast on WNYT Ch-13 the UMBC games were scheduled to go off as indicated.... something could have happen ....last evening snowfall was about 2 feet depending where you live and there is a State of Emergency covering the Albany area
  19. Well if you live in the Greater Albany NY area .... and you did not get a Christmas .... your tree is likely buried under 2 feet of snow ... in Southern Saratoga County could be closer to 30 inches...so to all BE CAREFUL...if you are out there and do not feel well take a break ... we do not want to lose anyone this holiday season!!!!
  20. For those who do not recognize the MAAC school reference above, the Times Union article link is below: https://www.timesunion.com/sports/article/Siena-women-s-basketball-back-on-pause-after-15800955.php?IPID=Times-Union-HP-CP-Spotlight
  21. The format of the Women's Basketball Championship has been changed to a single site; see the link below for more detail: https://www.ncaa.org/about/resources/media-center/news/san-antonio-region-viewed-potential-host-2021-di-women-s-basketball-championship
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