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  1. Do you really think Will ever reads this board..... if he does he is a fool
  2. In the end our team came to play and our coach came to coach....in the end they won!!!
  3. There is likely a stronger word out there.... I leaving to watch my Saturday PBS shows......
  4. Ahhh... we have reached the beginning of January 2021....I have seen no rumblings hear or elsewhere of an America East Men's and/or Women's Lacrosse Schedule.... Inside Lacrosse has published a couple links about other conferences... see below: https://www.insidelacrosse.com/article/big-east-acc-and-more-conference-scheduling-details-emerge-for-2021/57111 https://www.insidelacrosse.com/article/sources-patriot-league-conference-schedules-set-two-divisions-for-2021/57105 I wonder if there will be a non conference schedule....
  5. Lifted from the Albany Times - Union E page: https://www.timesunion.com/sports/article/UAlbany-women-remain-idle-but-SEFCU-Arena-won-t-15840786.php?IPID=Times-Union-HP-CP-Spotlight
  6. From today's Albany Times - Union: https://digital.olivesoftware.com/olive/ODN/AlbanyTimesUnion/Default.aspx#_
  7. When do you say good-bye to your Christmas Tree? My Christmas Tree (from Bennington, VT) has loss few if any needles and continues to absorb 2 Liters a day...amazing... so this tree may stay up to next weekend. To Clifton Park residents, tree pick-up is the week of 01-10-2021....
  8. The link to today's article from the Albany Times Union: https://www.timesunion.com/sports/article/Antonio-Rizzuto-wants-to-do-his-part-to-help-15839020.php?IPID=Times-Union-HP-CP-Spotlight (not an Instagram link, sorry Forum Fans)
  9. Lifted from the pages of today's Albany Times - Union: https://www.timesunion.com/sports/article/UAlbany-women-s-basketball-shut-down-again-four-15839265.php?IPID=Times-Union-HP-CP-Spotlight hmmmm....
  10. To all members of the Big Purple Forum and beyond .... Have a safe and happy New Years Eve... further, wishing everyone and their families good health in 2021. To all those Great Dane Fans, if you have not consider making a donation to the "GREAT DANE SELLOUT" please give this undertaking your consideration.
  11. Not even two weeks later....SBU games moved to February 12 & 13, 2021
  12. My least concern is playing Syracuse....unless there is significant improvement by Syracuse in the next nine month...I view playing against Syracuse as winnable game for UAlbany.....sorry Evan
  13. ualbanysports Liked by ualbanyschoolofeducation and222 others ualbanysports Happy Holidays from the #PurpleFamily 💜💛 #BeGreat
  14. I lifted the article from this morning's edition of the Times Union.... https://www.timesunion.com/sports/article/Siena-basketball-Rally-Nuns-to-attend-games-in-15825630.php?IPID=Times-Union-HP-CP-Spotlight Perhaps we could find a religious order to pray and offer financial support...
  15. Has I recall, Will Brown is in the last year of a five year deal....Benson can just walk away from Will by deciding not pursue a renewal of his contract...that easy...then we have to hope Benson has someone in the wings.... Then I am thinking, who are we decide Will should stay and go....we are just "fans in the stands"... what do we really know about the rigors of recruiting and coaching...we are just a brunch of moaners....
  16. Three games in, yes, some people on this forum have concluded the only way to fix this program is a new coach....perhaps, this is a discussion for after the season. Coach Brown has been around 20 years....AD Benson has likely expressed his expectations for the team....Has the COVID-19 changed those expectations?
  17. Coach Brown hustled has hard any DI Coach... However, yes, results do matter and the season has just started. Further, DI Coaches have less control over players coming and going. Coach Brown has recruited some talent... Can one or more turn into a go to player? We need a hero!
  18. UVM can absolutely be dominant in empty Patrick Gym....Will UVM try to send a message with the UAlbany game? Yes.... UPDATED 12-28-2020 after additional comments down below....Covid - 19 has forced changes on teams that make figuring out where things are headed ... UVM lost NJIT provides some hope....question is: Can UAlbany play 40 minutes?
  19. Likely a good betting line...may or may not hold up... let us remember UMass Lowell did beat Vermont on the first night....
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