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Albany Fan,


Humor is a nice thing, but it is no excuse for being rediculous. First of all, AKA is a black sorority. Second, Iati's tattoo looks like a picture of Jesus. Let's stick to sports. If you want to audition for the Sean Hannity show, do it some place else.



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Ok...lets talk about a few things. Ummm...one...has STEWART replaced ROSS? If so...there is the minority hiring we talked about. Two....nice change to UAlbany...about time we matched up with the other SUNY's. THREE...will the school officially adopt black already. Northwestern did it....why cant we. I see black with alot of different sport uniforms at UA. Black, gold and purple look good. Martin just looks like a baller...doesnt he?! He looks like he could fill out nicely in his upper body. But 200? Thought he was a little bigger! Wide frame though! Jamal HUGHES....well he looks HUGE!!!! LOL...i like the IATI tattoo...let the kid have some edge! Not that I am all up for a huge jesus on my arm...but it could be worse! Is it me or is Janis been eating some good borcht....the kid looks huge...in the doughboy sense!


As for Wilson...i beg to differ on the ropes (otherwise called PIPES by the rest of the lifting community). He actually looks the same there...but his TRAPS are huge...and that is the most important thing in an upper body...traps hold it all together...and is the largest muscle in the back. He looks ready to go! Lucious needs to get happy...and DAS Big MAN is well...a tree!

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From the very limited pictures I've seen:


Wyatt actually looks healthy in the picture - hope he is in reality. A healthy Wyatt would really add to the Danes depth up front. He is physically a DI player who could have a big upside for us this year.


Martin looks too lean!!! 15 or 20lbs would do him well.


Hughes does look big - I hope he can adjust to DI play, I hear he is a kid who has had very little actual coaching and is somewhat raw.


I am surprised Iati's arms were big enough for that tattoo, let's hope his shoulder will recover so he can start the season.


Levi doesn't look 225 (he doesn't look it in person either)


Knotts actually doesn't look 235 (which is very good)!!


Jamar's body seems like it has really matured because his head looks very small and that wasn't so last season.


Das Big Man is a tree (I saw him leaving the football game last weekend) and I hear so far he has been a pleasant surprise skill wise in practice.

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I have a feeling Brown is going to play


Iati, Wilson, Levine, Wyatt, Knotts, Martin, St. Hillaire(In no particular order) and somebody else. I don't think the DAnes will go more than 8 deep. Pipikis hasn't improved and shouldn't play and supposedly Brown is all over Hughes in practice. I guess he is strong and real athletic but is struggling in practice.


You add Jordan and Zollner plus the three kid's that have committed and one more big guy with the fourth scholarship and we go from the outhouse to the penthouse quickly.


I think Jordan is better than Wilson. Tougher and just as talented. The big guy is huge!

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professor - if we are to get to double digit wins I think we need minutes from Hughes, he's our only big body. We can't go out and get clobbered on the boards by 12 a game and think we can compete.


As far as next year - Jordan better than Wilson is a powerful statement. It either means Wilson has not improved or gone backwards or Jordan is one hell of a player.


For "Das Big Man" I've heard he has really looked pretty good in practice and gets clobbered all the time because that's the only way our guys get handle him. It sounds like he may be better than expected and maybe we'll have a big man who can produce at the double-double level.

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Yo, those uni's are hot. They should really get GreatDanesGear.com to sell those. They could pick a non-descript number if they are worried about singling our a player. For example, 04 or something (the year). Or the ever-popular double zero. Then, people could show their UAlbany pride while also not supporting one player over another.


I feel the gold around the neck is a little too thick for me. I like that they are a quasi-Cincinnati Bearcats style, not the straight tank top but not the sleeveless shirts.


My one qualm would be that the uniforms of all the teams are not ... uniform. If you look at a school like Binghamton or Stony Brook, when they put their logo together the wordmark (scripting) of the logo was just as strong as the logo itself. Thus, the names on the jerseys and the words BINGHAMTON or STONY BROOK are done in that script and bring continuity. That is sorely lacking at UAlbany, as all the teams have their own look.


Although black is hot in this instance, I like men's lacrosse for going with the gold tops and purple shorts. That's a good look too.

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Can anyone post any info on either the men's or women's new assistant coaches? I think it's a little odd that there have been no press releases about these hirings, but the pictures appear on the 'Meet the Team" page. I note the new men's assistant does not have a graduating year after his name; does this imply he is not a graduate of Coppin State?

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