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So.....none of you will tape this sucker?


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I'll tape it for you and you can let me know tomorrow if you still want it. Hopefully you will because it will be a win.


I'm not sure I have any blank tapes at home but if I don't you'll get the bonus of having it taped over the Montana game from two years ago. :lol:

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First off, I hope I did not put you through any trouble DP....I totally appreciate the thought.


Second, the bar hooked me up, knowing how important it was, they ordered MSG for the night. So, unfortunately, I do not need you to mail me the tape (SORRY IF IT WAS TROUBLE FOR YOU TO PUT TOGETHER).


Third, I got more tips from "concerned customers" than I ever got in my life. They thought I was going to wrap a vodka bottle around my head the way I was cursing the television, something I never do in front of customers.


WHAT A $iena PERFORMANCE! Hands down worst game I have ever seen UA play....flat out disgusting.


One nice thing.....while he is not overly accurate, Nicky Bazan looked so talented out there. This kid has to get on the field when ULI comes back. His arm strength shocked me at times.

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Dane96 - i taped the game, and would have been happy to have sent you the copy ... was off the board for a number of days, getting ready for the 2004-2005 school year, otherwise i would have responded to your request ... as you stated, it was not a pleasure to watch ... continue to enjoy living with my new england brethren ... i faced a similar cultural adjustment when i came down from new hampshire to attend UA ... go red sox and bruins

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Alumni92...thanks man....totally appreciate the thought. I think Beantown is a great place....been here for 5 years now.


As for the Bruins.....I can dig that.


THe SAWX......now that was sheer blasphamy. I have to hear crap all day every day (especially the last couple of weeks)....so spare me on the board. ;)

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Just got done watching the tape, in case the result was different from seeing it live.


Bazan's fast, but if anything his passing looked worse live than on TV. Banach seem to throw a nice ball, tho.


They worked on Vidal's leg for a long time, but he dig jog (limping) off the field. He got hit in the side of the leg while running out of bounds, so it may just be a bruise, unless something caught in the turf as he went down.


I never much liked a 3-man D-line, you can't get a pass rush, and if it's a 3-5-3 like we seemed to use, you're covering too many receivers with linebackers.


Punting was pretty mediocre too.


On the plus side, the rush d held HU to 80 yards on 30+ carries, and they did move the ball on the ground a little even without a passing attack to keep 'em honest.


THe SAWX......so spare me on the board. ;)

Yanker fans get spared nothing!

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