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Stony Brook and other scores

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Looks like the Brook did OK against Lehigh yesterday. SB's QB threw 5 interceptions and they still held Lehigh to 25 points and 297 total yards. Not too bad considering Lehigh is ranked #23.


CCSU is now in first place after beating Sacred Heart yesterday. What's happened to the Pioneers? They built a great team they won the conference championship and now have sunk back into the muck.

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I listened to the SBU game. They are better then we think. The real question is how good is Albany? I think we will be fine in NEC games but SBU appears to be very good. They are loaded with Sr's. I think Monmouth won't be as good but SBU will be better.


With Fordham losing and Albany losing, next Saturday appears to be a big game for both teams. We need to show up for this game!!!


Hey, Maybe Hofstra is better then we think. Lets see what they do against Montana!

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I think Hofstra is better than most thought. They will be much improved this year.


Stony Brook is a contender as is Monmouth.


For the 2nd year in a row we enter the season with out a proven quarterback, who can throw effectively. If the quarterback situation works out the Danes should be right there at the end of the season.


At the present there is no way we can play from behind and you can't always be out front.


The defensive secondary showed little against Hofstra's recievers, so Hofstra is either much improved or we're in a jam.

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I agree on the QB situation Patch. It may well come back to haunt us this year. The new batch of guys who came in this year will hopefully end that problem for the next couple of years.


The secondary really didn't have much of a chance last week. Seck had way, way too much time back there. No way you can expect anyone to cover Hofstra's recievers for that long.


I didn't realize it but the Fordham game is being televised locally. Dane 96 do you want a tape of the game? I'm more than happy to tape over the Hofstra game.

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DP.....if you could tape it and the game is good....yeah, I would like a copy.


I think HOFSTRA will do just ok in the A-Ten. That being said, I think the A-Ten from top to bottem is the best conference in IAA and on any given day could beat lower to mid level IA teams.


Hofstra is very good....and I am pleased with our run D. Our secondary....looked like crap, but IRBY was ridiculous. I think that will work itself out for us....we will not face another group of receivers like that.


We need to get ULI back.....or start the frosh.

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Agreed. The A-10 is better then the Patriot by a long shot. Question is if we take another beating Saturday how will we respond mentally when we get into confrence play.


I say this every year, I love playing these OOC teams but only if we are equipped to play them. I am severly disappointed that I was not able to corner McElroy and ask him when these scholarships and scholarship football is going to arrive. I know its coming but so is Delaware. If you thought 45-0 was bad...just wait!


We should have OOC games against low end Patriot teams only(Georgetown, Holy Cross, etc) or low end IVY(Cornell next year is a good start). When scholarship football arives we can start to schedule anyone we like!


I know its coming but what are they waiting for? When is McElroy going to announce this upgrade? Just curious. Any thoughts?

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