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Good Story in the TU today

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Let's keep expectations realistic here!!!! Coach Brown should be awarded a contract extension in March if he gets this squad to .500 overall this season. There is no way I see the program increasing their win total by 7 from last year to this year to reach that so-called .500 goal. Why can't we just all be on the same page and shoot for double-figure wins or possibly 11 or 12 at most? Twelve would set a program high at the Division I level. I just don't see Albany going from 7-21 to 14-14. Also, remember back in '99-00 we played some NAIA cupcakes that padded our win total.

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AlbanyObserver you are 1000% correct. Jamar is a young player and I'm glad he feels that way but Coach Brown was more realistic earlier when he projected a goal of double digit wins.


I did like Brown's comments about last year Phase I this Year Phase II and next year we're complete and ready to compete with Everyone in conference.


Lets Go Danes!!! The construction of a DI program continues.

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I agree with you guys....i would think a 12-16 year would be a great accomplishment. No doubt I would think the following year should be a 16-12 to a 18-10 type of season.


BTW...everyone who has said they have seen this or heard that about practices...well I think alot of you are full of it. Here is why: COACH BROWN SPECIFICALLY SAYING THAT KNOTTS IS THE MOST IMPROVED PLAYER. I remember many of you saying that the staff said or you heard that KNOTTS was out of shape. Doesnt sound that way to me...and those are COACH B's words I am listening to.


I am really psyched for this season!

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Dane96 - you never cease to amaze me.


Most of what was reported was true at the time. Most was basically preseason stuff. Since work outs have officially started about 3 weeks ago. After 3 hours each day of practice things do change.


If the truth be known members of the staff at the end of last year were down on certain players and had to wait to see if their attitudes or approaches changed.


Evidently Wyatt's health has improved (so far) and Knotts has shown the most improvement, but that's not saying much. Jamar and Levi were good already, Wyatt's health was an unknown, Pipikis is just a nice guy who plugs along.


There is nobody else who played last year!!!!!!!!


Itai, Martin and Hughes are new, "Q" redshirted last year and Johnson and Cheese are freshman walk ons.


Zoellner and Jordan are transfers not eligible to play this year.


Now re think what Brown said sure he's much happier with Knotts this year but who did he improve more than?


It would be great if Knotts and Wyatt had solid years but what was said early was fairly true and reliable info but of course second hand.

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There is also a front page of sports section article in today's Gazette entitled "Levine returning to natural position for Danes", which focuses on Levi being able to play the 3 , having lost 10 pounds to become quicker, and on his relationship with Jamar who apparantly is his roommate.

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Sorry Patch...you are a nice guy...but I dont think you have half the contacts you proclaim. I know you coached, and as a former player and coach I can tell you that there is no way someone goes from as bad as you proclaimed in Sept...to the most improved player in the late weeks of October. What...you think he changed his stripes in 5 weeks...come on now. You are much smarter than that, and you probably have more knowledge than that. I wasnt attacking you btw, but I find it interesting that you got so fired up about.


You show me a baller who goes from as bad as he was made out to as GOOD AS BROWN MADE HIM OUT TO SOUND...and I will show you an ocean in Montana. Bottom line is this...Y'ALL got some hearsay and made it more dramatic sounding than it was. The kid probably came in a tad overweight...and probably couldnt run his suicides that quick at first. I am sure he was NOT so out of shape that he went from being a non-factor...to the MOST IMPROVED PLAYER. That either means Wilson, Levine, Wyatt and the others came back w/ NO IMPROVEMENT, or KNOTTS WASNT AS OUT OF SHAPE AS Y'ALL SAID!


Think about before you respond. Everyone gets a little fired up when talking about our program and we shouldnt rip players who dont deserved to ripped. I THOUGHT YOU ESTABLISHED THAT on the OLD BOARD. Remember...recruits may look at the board. We should follow that creed most of us talked about back then.


Take it easy!!

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Wish I'd seen the Gazette article but there are also alot of good things in Blue Ribbon. Brown said Levine was the most improved player in the league (which is saying alot) and echoed Patch's praise of Q St. Hillaire.

Like alot of you I would be extremely happy with double digit wins this year but if we do end up at the .500 mark in March I'll remember where I heard if first.

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BTW PATCHY...I AM CHALLENGING YOU TO A ONE ON ONE... ON THE COURT! You can even Coach yourself. Maybe use your contacts to find out that I have a weak left handed dribble...i stutterstep on my move to my right, I ate a bag of donuts yesterday, I love the turnaround j, I drank too much last week...and DOC Sauers is down on me. ;)


I am kidding....(but not about the one on one). As a matter of fact...i think we should all play a pick up game before the big purple growl...i think that would be totally funny and a good time. PROFESSOR CAN TELL US WE ARE ALL DII TALENT!

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Dane 96 Knotts is "most improved" compared to what? I think you read too much into what's printed in the papers.


I hope Knotts has a fine year and I hope Wyatt is healthy but until they show up and play well I am not putting my eggs in their basket.


Dane 96 I never said Knotts was bad. In fact when in shape he can be very good.


Just so you know - I have no inside knowledge of what goes on, I just listen to several people who do have contact within the department and who are very reliable.


All I said he was overweight and not in condition and that's what hurt him last year and if he didn't get in shape he wouldn't help the Danes this year. That was the straight on truth.


In 6 or 7 weeks of conditioning and practice that (not his skill level) can be changed if the player gets the message and commits to take care of himself. With that said he is the heaviest guy of the active players 250lbs now the roster has been up for weeks so I'll bet he's not that heavy now. Hell Zoellner is huge and he's 270.


There was no doubt that when Brown signed him he had high expectations for the kid and felt he should be a solid contributor as a freshman. When he showed up on campus he was way out of shape and that led him to having a very disappointing initial campaign.


If he doesn't make a contribution and earn a spot this year he could be in big trouble because with the infusion of talent and bodies next year he may never see the court.


If you were to ask Knotts himself he would probably tell you he was immature and didn't do what he was suppose to do last year.

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