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ooo man, i cant believe they got the lay-up with 1 second left. talk about a heart breaking loss. but you know, it will only make this team stronger i think...well lets focus on Lehigh, Army and Long Island, three very winnable games.

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The Wagner game is like an unseen speed bump it hopefully jarred us and got our attention.


Never since UA has gone DI has the whole team played below par and we still had the opportunity to win.


Down one at the Half we seemingly woke up from a very dull performance to surge ahead by about 12 with 9 and change on the clock and then the wheels fell off.


We became very careless with the ball and give some credit to Wagner they played with great energy.


Then late in the game we were still in position to win and....


Levi missed both ends of a two shot foul


Jamar seemed comatose - he dribbled into "Q' causing a turn over then with the clock shot winding down he stood by midcourt with everyone screaming at him and he finally turned the ball over with us up by 1 and 9.5 sec remaining.


Wagner tried to help us out by commiting and out of bounds travel giving us the ball back with 9.5 still on the clock.


The Danes ran an out of Bounds play and got the ball in the hands of Iati who was fouled immediately 8.5 on the clock and he missed the front end of 1&1 and they went the length of the court and won the game.


A terrible loss? Yes


But we played with very little energy we got killed on the boards, we turned the ball over in silly ways no one had a decent offensive game and our best FT shooters missed clutch Free Throws and we lost at the buzzer by 1.


This team is going to be OK.


We must still learn how to win. This was a game we should have put in the win column. I give Wagner alot of credit they played hard and never gave up and came away with a "W".

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Tough to win or even be competitive when you are outrebounded 46 to 30 and you are 6 for 12 from the free throw line - and according to Patch the misses were at a critical time.


I didn't see or hear the game, but from reading the posts and the coverage, it sounds like this is an example of a team that is still learning how to win. Sounds like a game they should have won. They will still have a very good year - still coming together.

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The hangover from the $iena game was to be expected I guess and this should be a lesson learned. You have to put forth consistent effort to win consistently.


From the sounds of things on the radio it seemed like a substantial dropoff in intensity from the first two games. There's no other way to explain getting outrebounded that substantially from the smallest lineup Albany has faced all year. Wagner just wanted it more. They had 19 offensive rebounds. On his own Sean Munson had more offensive rebounds than the Danes team combined.


A couple of positives in this game, got some bench production. 18 points and 8 rebounds came off the bench. Brent Wilson had another nice performance-8 pts and 4 rebounds. Lillis seemed more agressive. Got himself to the line and had a couple points in limited minutes and another block. Didn't see the game but Jordan again got it done-13 pts, 6 boards, 6 assists.

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"Der Big Man has to find a way to stay on the court for more than 17 minutes (4 fouls 3 of which were ticky tack) he still shot 5 of 8.


We only had 12 Turn Overs but they were of the ridiculous variety and about half of them led to lay ups at the other end.


On a poor night we shot 45% from the floor and 40% from threen thas not too bad.


We just have to bring energy every night.

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I was sitting in the Wagner section, I knew a few of their fans. Those in the know from Wagner knew it was a fluke but gladly took the win we offered up to them.


When we were up 12 in the second half they thought it was going to get ugly but we just stopped executing.

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