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Football Coaching changes


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I just got a reliable word that three coaches were let ago in the football offices. Coaches Frank Derico (Offensive Coordinator), Don Mion (D-Line and Hall of Fame player) and Rich Turi (D-Backs). From what I heard they were all given the choice of either become full-time or pack up and leave. They all chose to leave. I heard Pete Rossamondo was named O-Coordinator and that there will be the addition of three more full-time coaches next year.


That would make six full-time coaches, which is always a good thing. Not to mention, the possibility of a fresh look on offense. Rossomando coached at New Haven previously, which is a run and shoot team. With the talent at QB and receiver that was brought in the last few years, maybe that will be a good change.

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that is very interesting. I love the multiple option offense we have, but frankly, when your doing it almost every play, even when its 3rd and 15, it gets boring and it shows your team is one dimentional. I have always said, on the radio with WCDB and to others, this team needs to get a QB in here that can throw. You can still do the option with an avg running QB. Dont get me wrong, i love what Bazan did this year, but it gets old after a while when he is putting up 200 yards rushing, and the rest of the offense is doing nothing.

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I agree with you 1000%, these coaches were not let go!!!!!


When I first read the original post headline it sounded like there was a shake up because of performance and then when I read through it I realized these coaches probably had full time jobs and couldn't commit to coaching football fulltime also.


I'd like to thank them for all their efforts on behalf of the Danes.


I'm also glad to see the addition of more full time football coaches it speaks volumes about the commitment to raising our level of football in the future.

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The way it was explained to me was that because they didn't want to be full-time they were let go. However you want to consider their departure, the end result is the same. All three should be given full respect for the job they did, especially Coach Mion. I know he has made a difference in so many players' lives outside of football. My point in the post was to inform of the coaching changes and show how the program is taking more steps towards moving up to full scholarship.


I apologize if my post confused this point.

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Patch is right. Whatever the circumstances were the facts are that they are putting 6 full time coaches in place. Probably to be followed by two more. WHICH IS HUGE for football and our aspirations for full scholarship. No one in limited scholarship football has 6 full time assistants plus a head coach.


I believe Mion and Dericco are high school teachers and principles at Amsterdam and Shaker. Not sure about Turi. The pay must not be on the same level as they are currently getting.


As far as New Haven's offense is concerned...forget it. They will use a platoon qb system with a power running game.


It will be very interesting to see who they hire! Will they be established guys or will they be up and comers. My bet is they will be established.

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