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Today's Gazette

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Some quotes from today's article; most attributed to Charlie Voelker:


1. Tickets for the Ferocious Feast are selling like hot cakes.


2. We have a lot of contests, including our new president shooting it out with one of our students. We've got a shot for tuition, plenty of alumni shootouts and about 1000 to 1500 T-shirts will be given out. (my personal gripe - give out 4000 T-shirts)


3. Twice as many people have alreasdy registered for the Ferocious Feast than in the past. I think this is the best shot we've had of having a 4000 plus crowd. The feast is close to being sold out already.


4. The University's new spirit committee has helped generate interest on campus.


5. The dorm community will be out in great numbers. We are also expecting plenty of spirit contests to see which group brings out the most students. This should be one of the best Big Purple Growls yet.

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My wife and I foolishly tried to get tickets at this late date to the Ferocious Feast. We had never attended the feast part of the events due to other commitments, but I just tried this morning to obtain tickets. Some official at the RACC told me just now that the tickets were sold out last Friday.


I agree with Statefan that 2005 might be the best Big Purple Growl so far. The weather also looks like it will cooperate with the event.

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First off, I'm not sure if there is a different pool of student and non-student tix for the Feast, but I picked up a tickets for my girlfriend and me yesterday and had no problem getting them.


Second, about the game being on tv: I have heard confirmation from multiple people that the game will be live on WNYT, or whatever the channel 13 NBC affiliate is called, the one Roger is on. It hasn't been announced really publically on campus because we don't want to give the students another excuse to not go. But everyone involved with admin. who I've talked to has said it's gonna be on.

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Old Dog 71 - you might want to double check with Pete Evans in the University Special Events office - (518) 442-5337 about the availability of tickets. I have found him helpful in the past.


Regarding the Saturday television, it is my understanding that both games will be televised with the AE crew calling each game. The women at 4PM are on TW-3 and the men at 7 are on Channel 13.


Dane 96 - They scheduled the bar exam the same weekend as the Super Bowl?

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No...they aren't that stupid in FLORIDA, though that is up for debate. I do, however, feel the urge to p/u a book the week before and study. ;)


Statefan- that was the most insanely stupid character certification review I have ever been a part of. After Feb. 23, I will shoot you an email. Let's just say the interviewer (Appellate Court Judge) and I had a nice chat about Siena-Albany basketball.

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Thanks for the info re the Ferocious Feast. Just wanted to let you know that I had tried the number you suggested. I did not talk with Pete but with someone else.


Thanks also for the info about Jim Burr. I had inquired about him a couple weeks ago. You have a very good memory.





You may be correct about the student and non-student tickets for the Feast. I will just have to go to the game on an empty stomach and let the emanating noise serve as my contribution to the growl.

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Today's Gazette Article, on Page 1 of the Sports section, right column above the fold and titled "Break gives spark" subtitled "Lillis, Levine power Danes". The substance was pretty similar to the Tu article. It said that Lillis keyed a fast break attack to keep us in the game in the first half and Levine took over in the second half. It noted it was the second time this season "that the fast-breaking Great Danes rallied from a halftime deficit".


Macarchuk's quote was "Albany is a good solid basketball team. Lillis killed us in transition. He had four or five layups against us and he's a good defender, too."

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