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Thats how a game should be every night

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we helped get the students into it. We got the new President into it. and the team even came over after to celebrate and thank us. the RACC Rowdies is about to take-off...UA Basketball - THATS THE WAY IT SHOULD BE...WHAT A VICTORY FOR THE DANES.

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...Kermit, Kermit, Kermit....

Excellent work. When you can get the president to wave the flag you've earned the shirts. I hope you get them by the Growl. You guys really added alot of fun and I agree it should be like that every game.


As an extra bonus Maine lost to BU tonight so Albany is in sole possession of fourth place in the AE. Also the women slid by Stony Brook and are now in a fourth place tie with UNH who they play on Saturday.


I haven't seen any stats on the game yet but I suspect Lillis had his best offensive game. Levi came up with alot of boards, especially offensive and really played well. I guess games with SBU are alway tough but I was impressed with the Seawolves, they looked better than their record. Another excellent game by Jamar who had alot of assists.

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Box score - Levi 13 pts., 8 RB, Jamar 18 pts., 8 Assist, Lillis 11 pts., Lu 14

SBU shot 56% for 3-pointers - go to defend better than that


Attendance 1,722 - a small improvement but still kind of disappointing


Starting to think that if the ball's coming downcourt on the break, Lillis is the guy I want to be the finisher - he seems to be the one most likely to most aggressively go STRAIGHT TO THE HOOP.

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That game was def a blast. President Hall excited us a lot waving the flag and it truly was high class of the team to come over and thank us in the south endzone at the end. And I don't know how many people saw it, but Coach Brown came over to our side with a few minutes before tip-off and threw 3 or 4 nice UAlbany basketball NIKE shirts into the crowd. Pretty freakin cool.


And although I was looking for closer to 2,000 for this game, 1,750 isn't too shabby. Especially considering the extra 300-400 compared to the Hartford game was almost all students. We all really did a nice job getting them to come out. Some of my friends or people who knew me (who were admitadly NOT basketball fans) came up to me and said they had a GREAT time and wanted to know when the other games are. Hopefully these numbers continue to rise.


I said hi to Dr. McElroy as I was leaving the RACC and I told him hopefully we are gonna be able to hit 4,000 for the BPG this Saturday. And although he's def an optimist with everything, he said yeah, he thinks it's a good possibility. The RACC would be ROCKIN if it was at least 75% full.

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BTW, that really was a GREAT game for Jamar, at least on paper. 18 points, 8 (!!) assists, 3 steals, 3 rebounds, only 1 foul, and only 3 turnovers. Shot a perfect 6-6 from the line and was pretty good at 2-3 from downtown. Shot selection was a bit poor with 5-14 shooting. But it's nice to see that the whole team doesn't have to play excellent to beat a team nowadays. Hopefully we save that perfect game for when TC, TJ, wanna-be god Brennan, and the rest of the Green Mountain Boys stroll into town a bit on down the road.

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Yeah big thing for me tonight was the lack of turnovers in the game (below 10....huh? whered that come from)


I really enjoy and believe that weve gotten into opposing teams heads...you can tell when they start responding or talking to you. Favorite one from this game was when Santiago pointed at the scoreboard when SB had a whopping 3 point lead!!! Lets keep it loud boys (and girls) for the BPG.


Unfortunatley (or fortunately) Craig and I are broadcasting both games, so we wont be able to join in on the ridiculousness....but I like how things are shaping up for some of the bigger games down the road!


Lets get those RACC Rowdie Tshirts and make them a hot commodity on campus!


p.s. we really have been blessed with good presidents, Hitchcock, Ryan, and now Hall (all of whom ive seen at several sporting events)

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