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A few things from today's luncheon. The coaches presentations were shorter than the last one I attended probably because both Coach Ford and both basketball coaches gave a talk. Alicia Learn and Becky Ayers were there with Coach Patterson. Patterson gave a nice talk and it sounded like Huchinson would be our through at least the end of Dec. and OBannon + Clark would miss the $iena game leaving them with just two post players. She talked a little about the four recruits for next year including one who played football in high school. Sounded like she was expecting a good season from Learn.

Wyatt and Levine accompanied Brown who talked about the four recruits who just signed and as expected was particuarly pleased with the Dyson signing. He mentioned Dyson visited and was offered a scholarship from Houston of ConferenceUSA. He didn't mention the Hughes situation and no one asked. He was asked who would start in place of Wilson and Brown seemed noncommital. He said something to the effect that the staff was concerned with starting too many freshman and would decide during the next few days. He stated rather empatically I thought that Wilson would not play on Friday and wouldn't be coming back until he was completely healthy-this may have been for Roger Wyland's benefit.

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As you might expect, Coach Ford complimented his graduating Seniors and was extremely complimentary(sp?) to there ability to communicate about the program. We have been fortunate to have Coach Ford as we have gone from club to D-1. No one asked, nor was he invited to answer questions, about the future. I felt there was an oversight when the attendees were invited to ask questions and Coach Ford was not invited to the podium. Note: this comes from a BB fan but we have attended FB games since the club days.

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I agree Old Timer that Ford should have been asked for the Q+A. It seemed like that part of the program was not planned and not inviting him up was an oversight but should have been better thought out. I really enjoyed Coach Patterson's comments about how she enjoys working in the same environment as Ford-thought that was really classy.

Ford's comments:

-Sciarra is considering going to law school next year. He has another year of eligibility left and is on the fence about using it and playing another year or go to law school.

-As probably should be expected from a football coach he spoke about the mistakes made during the four losses. He felt Northeastern was the only team the Danes didn't match up with physically and tha they made alot of mental mistakes in the other losses.

-His red-shirt program. I'm not sure I remember this correctly but I think Banach was the only true freshman active on the roster this year and the rest were redshirted. I'm not sure I have that part right.

-Recruiting is heating up but he didn't give any specifics. He mentioned that he has a commitment for O-line for next year.

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A quick comment on Coach Brown's comments at the luncheon. In talking about the commitment received from Joe Dyson, the words he used sounded exactly like those he used in describing Jamar Wilson at the beer and pizza party they threw for season ticket holders after he was hired permanently. As virtually everyone else has already said, if Dyson is of that quality, and I already know that Lucious Jordan is of that quality, the future indeed is bright.

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