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Men's All AE selection

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PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Taylor Coppenrath, Vermont

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR: Shawn James, Northeastern

COACH OF THE YEAR: Ron Everhart, Northeastern



*Jose Juan Barea, Northeastern

*Rashad Bell, Boston U.

*Chaz Carr, Boston U.

*Taylor Coppenrath, Vermont

*T.J. Sorrentine, Vermont



*Andre Heard, Binghamton

*Lucious Jordan, Albany

*Kevin Reed, Maine

*Ben Sturgill, New Hampshire

*Jamar Wilson, Albany



*Marcus Barnes, Northeastern

*Etienne Brower, Boston U.

*Joe Campbell, Maine

*Aaron Cook, Hartford

*Shawn James, Northeastern



*Mike Christensen, New Hampshire

*Josh Duell, Vermont

*Antwan Hardy, Stony Brook

*Shawn James, Northeastern

*Brent Wilson, Albany


Congratulations - Jamar, Sweet Lu and Brent


Sorry to see Levi get snubbed but that's what happens when the team goes 9 and 9 when they potentially could have been atleast 12-6. Levi would have made 3rd team and Jamar would have picked up a 1st team spot.

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statefan - Good Point


Also it continues to show we are doing a great job recruiting.


04/05 B. Wilson "All Rookie"


03/04 J. Iati "Rookie of the Year"


02/03 J. Wilson "Rookie of the Year" and 2nd Team ALL AE


02/03 L. Levine All Rookie

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Jamar definitely got the short end as well not being named to the first team. Chaz Carr should have been second team. Jamar averages 3.5 more ppg and had 29 more assists for the season. He also had better numbers in steals, FG%, 3FG% and FT%. I think Carr's selection to first team was a political one since he is a senior and Jamar is a sophomore. Just my two cents.

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I agree AO. Really the same thing that happened his freshman year which was statistically outstanding. They defenitly pick upperclassmen over the underclassman although Sorrentine was a first team player his freshman year. That's actually the same basis for hoping for a POY award for Hutch. There are a couple of other people with higher scoring averages but she is a senior and leads in other categories.

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AlbanyObserver - I'm with you.


A few more "Ws" and a few less TOs and they wouldn't have had the opportunity to deny Jamar.



Conference Comparison( they play against the same teams)


Wilson 37.2 MPG - .453FG% - .414 3PFG% - .837 FT% - 63 ASST - 75 TOS - 26 ST


C. CARR 33.1MPG - .395FG% - .371 3PFG% - .762 FT% - 47ASST - 47 TOs- 21ST


It couldn't have been based on stats.

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I agree with all of you re: Jamar. Still, my point was with all of the first team and Sturgill leaving, it means that we begin next season with 2 of the 4 highest thought of players in the conference. I'd be willing to wager that Jamar has a better than 50/50 chance of being the pre-season Player of the Year next year.

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I also think Brown should have been coach of the year.


Northeastern was picked to finish 4th and they finished 2nd. UA was picked to finish 8th and finished 4th. Not sure where the one year turnaround in wins stacks up, but I'd bet it is in the top 10 this year.


Maybe the issue was that Albany was 0-6 against the top 3 teams?

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Carr gets the nod based on team record. More than fair. They beat Albany twice. Carr had 24 when they beat Vermont. There is Brennan's vote. Based on consistency, Jamar probably has him. But if he just plays well enough in a few games to get votes, the coaches are going to reward based on record.

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