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Dude, I realize you love Albany with every bone in your body, but there are certain things you need to keep quiet about. Other coaches read this board and they don't need to hear who Will is walking around campus with or the fact that the lax team was practicing at 10:35 at night. Due to the strict NCAA practice rules, I would hate for the team to be punished because someone caused an inquiry due to a late night practice.

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I'm not sure I follow about the NCAA rules. Holding practice in the middle of campus with the lights on doesn't seem like you're trying to keep it a secret. I remember one of the Siena basketball stories this past year where after a game Lanier brought the team back to the ARC and they had a practice until 2 AM or something. I know there are limits on the number of hours teams can practice but I'm not sure if when they do is an issue.


It's not like GD84 is breaking into the athletic offices and posting confidential files on the internet. He's just reporting what anyone walking around campus could see and giving us a little insight on recruiting info that's hard to find in other places.

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im not out to get anyone. I just found it very interesting. 10:45 at night and they are practicing under the lights. Everyone around campus can see them. I actually think its a good practice idea...they gonna have to play under the lights etc on that field, why not practice in those conditions.


Exactly, im not finding out information and reporting it etc that is not known. 1,000's of people saw Coach Brown walking around with the kid, i was the only one who took it to heart so i figure i tell you i saw Brown. I have no clue who the kid was, but i saw him walking with him. Im not allowed to say that?


Who cares...i know people on Tennessee Vols boards that have connection with parents of players, and posts stuff on the board when stuff happens. Nothing happens to them.


I dont post stuff like that. I work for WCDB and cover the sports games, and the number one rule is if its extremley vital, like interviews etc goes threw the Athletic Department.


If im wrong, then Alumni72 and Dane96 and anyone else who has so called "insider information" is just as guilty. How am i wrong in any of this. I love this athletic department.


But i dont see how me posting about a practice at 10:45 at night, which i think is a brilliant coaching move on Scott Marr's part, or posting that i saw coach Brown walking around campus with what looked to be a basketball player is wrong at all?


And if all of you think im wrong, then ill stop doing it from this point on.

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I don't think that there is too much information being given out.


1. The post about the recruit didn't give height, race or anything that would allow anyone to figure out who it was.

2. The lax post didn't say that they exceeded the weekly hours allowed for practice by the NCAA.


I actually think the lax post was interesting because during the Syracuse pre-game, one of the announcers said that the players had difficulty making passes on the football field because of the crown. That coupled with a night game coming up may be why they were practicing so late.

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What, are those announcers using my material? ot fo we just think alike? I asked a question about the crown on the laxpower forum, and everyone agreed it wasn't a factor (or excuse).


I don't have (or claim) any insider info, I've just been around long enough to be known to some of the staff, but not THAT well, and I'm sure they wouldn't tell me anything that was supposed to be confidential.


If hoops can have midnight madness, any other sport should be able to practice then too.


Keep telling us what you see in public. Some people are just a little TOO paranoid, even though sometimes 'they' ARE to get you.

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Bing holds Stony scoreless for the last 20 minutes and scores five straight goals to beat Seapups 9-8. So we don't have to worry about goal differential, the first round's a home game, and tonight is for home in the championship game.


It ain't raining that hard, a little rain won't turn you into a small brown spot on the sidewalk, everybody come out!

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