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Tough game after a good first 20 minutes.


Great crowd(6,212) may be the biggest non-homecoming crowd ever, except for an 'estimated' 7,000 for the first club game vs. Siena. Odd because there really weren't that many people sitting on the hillsides.


I thought Bocanegra looked a LOT better than Hall at QB. Faster feet and also he was putting the ball right in the receivers' hands early. Hall is a junior - NEVER should have thrown the INT for the touchdown.


Discouraging getting a delay of game before the first play, TWO illegal-formation penalties (only 6 men on the line). Still problems with the kicking game (missed 33-yd FG, bad snap for a blocked FG, partially blocked punt, bad snap on a punt for a safety).


Good effort by the defense, but nobody could handle Colston (ran over the safety for his first touchdown) - I don't think he played last year. Four sacks on Clarkson, and Hofstra kept him in the whole game.

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The mistakes are discouraging because some were the same as I saw and reported at the first scrimmage.


1. Poor snaps - disastorous if you doing alot of shotgun stuff and turns your kicking game into a detrement to the team game.


2. Weak kicking game, I find it hard to believe that we can't find a decent kicker in this day and age. To me it's a skill that can be developed.


3. Somehow we have to utilize our rushing game a little better.


On a good note though Hofstra was quicker overall than us but it seemed to me the difference was much greater last season.


The Danes were very competitive the first half but like last year we shot ourself in the foot too often.


Please remember these comments are from a fan not a true football officienado.

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All things considered yesterday's game wasn't that horrible, we seemed to be able to stay with Hofstra for most of the first half. Far better then we did last year, there were alot of errors by our team especially in the second half. I can think of the int by Hall as probably the biggest mistake. I'm not expecting much out of these first two games UMASS is going to be an intresting game. In my opinion the football season starts when we face Central Conn.


On another thought I really liked the crowd that came to the game. Shows me that the university is really pushing the students to come to the games. We should have another good draw on HC and hopefully we will blow SB out of the water. It should be intresting to see if we can average 4000 plus a game for the rest of the season. And if we can do that for the football team just imagine what the basketball team can pull with all the expectations around them this year.

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tough 3rd quarter ... agree with UAalum72 on taking early delay of game/illegal formation penalties :angry: ... Bocanegra showed a great deal of promise ... nice to see the 6k turnout ... marketing effort was evident and paid off

It should be intresting to see if we can average 4000 plus a game for the rest of the season. And if we can do that for the football team just imagine what the basketball team can pull with all the expectations around them this year. - B9j2j6s

time will tell, a great deal of potential for #s @ the RACC ... student body/alumni base of this size ... wins = student attendance = exciting atmosphere = increased media coverage/sponsors/a thousand plus siena defectors ... could be good

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It's hard for me to judge the place kicking, as the snaps and holds seemed to be a problem. We were much better than last year, so I'm encouraged. Nice night, nice crowd. It's a month before the next home game. I'm hoping to go to UMass next week. On basketball, I've heard there is significantly more response for season tickets tickets. I'm also going to assume much more interest by the students.

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It appears that Bocanegra is a winner. he played well against a superior Defense and we are in a better position then we were in 2004.


We will take back a KO or a Punt return for a TD. Kenny Williams can fly and we will be dangerous on special teams with him back their. He almost broke for two of them Sat night. Credit to Fordie for making this change in the off season.


Marcus Allen and Kenny Williams will give NEC teams fits this year. I believe our runmning game as well as an improved passing game will do well in NEC play.


Defense looked awesome for a half. Colin Disch is a superstar player and our D line is young but provided pressure against the best O-line they will see this year.


Now the negatives! Stupid penalties, Ints, and we still desperatly need a kicker. Punting was not bad but special teams are gonna be needed to win a game or two this year.


PS I like our chances against UMASS. they are not that big of a deal. I don't think they will be as good as Hofstra.

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