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Martin, Hughes and Knotts

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No, it's Q! St. Hilaire had 13 pts, 14 rbs, many of them offensive. Iati had 16


Jamar Wilson played 34 minutes! 13 pts, radio said he had good moves but was a little slower so far, rusty, and didn't get his usual 4-5 rebounds.


Despite spotting Colgate an 8-0 start and a 14-2 start in the 2nd half, Albany still had a 3-pointer to tie at the end.


A pretty good effort, but way too many turnovers, rookie mistakes

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Wilson was excellent - considering


He penetrated at will but didn't have the explosiveness in his legs (conditioning). He had a problem sticking the outside shot(no legs) but what a pleasure to watch.


It's not a coincidence that we had 4 in double figure just by his presence.


Colgate is a solid Patriot team and with Levi and Jamar shooting 8 for 25 which included 1-8 from 3 we were only down 1 with 10 seconds and had the ball down 3 with 9.5 seconds left and a chance to tie.


"Q" played well going for a double double 13pts/14 boards. Hopefully his play is contageous.


Knotts, Wyatt and Pipikis went for 8 points and 5 rebounds in a combined 47 minutes - disappointing to say the least.


Iati struggled (he seems to be thinking rather than playing), with 5 turnovers 3 or 4 of which went for hoops hurts in a close game but on the positive side he shot 6-12 including 4-6 from 3.


Hopefully we'll be more cohesive against Army at home Friday.


For some reason Martin only got 9 minutes.


I think if Jamar had one game under his belt this would have went in the "W" column.

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not a knock ... the kid is a star ... but, it appeared as though Jamar has a way to go to be as effective as he was last season ... it clearly looked at times as though he was struggling to get up and down the court ... hopefully, a few more games and the knee will be "be back" ... i hope he makes this assessment look foolish friday evening vs. Army ... Go Danes.

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The type of game Jamar had should have been expected. He was out a month and was putting full out pressure on the leg in comp for the first time. It appeared his rythm was off and that will take awhile to get.


The one thing that was evident is that he is an impact player. Colgate had a very hard time keeping in front of Jamar. As his conditioning gets better, his leg strength improves and his timing returns he'll be every bit as good as last year.


Now lets see how that leg feels when he tries to run on it today. Keep your fingers crossed.

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Great news that Jamar played! Hopefully the knee will hold up and he doesn't have to redshirt.Time will tell.


Great news that "Q" had a double doulble!


Hopefully Iati will correct the turnover problem....he is the real McCoy.


Martin nine minutes??? We need him on the court to rebound the basketball. With Knot, Wyatt and Pipikis getting 5 rebounds in 47 minutes it sounds as if we could have used him. I hope he is O.K.


Sounds like this was a game that could have resulted in a "W" for the Danes. However, when you are forced to play freshmen, inexperienced players and your

star player coming off an injury, it is tough to win coming down the stretch.


Hopefully the mysterious Hughes makes an appearance although after being away from practice for 5-6 weeks it is going to be a while before he gets in to game shape.




Wyatt did nothing.....again!!

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We are fortunate that Jamar is getting another evaluation on Thursday by the NYG physicians. I am sure they will give a top level examination and a diagnosis and recommendation on his status.


Otherwise, my other reactions from listening to the Colgate game:


- Seems like Q's athleticism was apparent. Very impressed with the double double. The question is can he continue to average 10 points and about 6 boards a game?????


- Jamar's presense will create open looks for Iati and Levi.


- Not too worried about Todd Martin's lack of minutes. Sounds like our bench went four deep though.


- I think Brown has a lot of confidence in Courtney Johnson. I like that. He basically allowed him to take the final shot. How many freshman walk-ons get that kind of opprtunity? I truly believe that Johnson and Knotts will be the unsung heroes for this squad before the end of the season.


- Face it. We can't depend on Chris Wyatt for any kind of stat averages. Just accept him for who is right now. As long is the guy is healthy, on the court and banging down on the blocks, be happy with that. In a sense, Wyatt is our enforcer. We need more players that carry a chip on their shoulder.


- Despite dropping to 0-3, I am excited about the home opener on Friday. From what I am hearing, Colgate was no slouch and a solid Patriot League squad. Some think Colgate could overtake Holy Cross and earn an NCAA berth this season. It would be great if we could have a crowd of 1,500 at the RACC against Army.

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when you are forced to play freshmen, inexperienced players and your

star player coming off an injury, it is tough to win coming down the stretch.


What was evident last night was that Colgate, a solid team, had 2 All Conference Srs. on the court and UA had 2 freshman guards, and 3 sophs - one of which wasn't 100%.


Experience takes time.


We actually lost the game with 3 or 4 TOs which led to layups. Mistakes by us but also credit Colgate with very solid "D" on our perimeter people.

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Welcome to the board Rusty!


Great to have Jamar back. Got quite a shock when I turned on the radio last night to hear that he was playing. 13pts and a couple of rebounds is not bad for "60%". While I don't think any of us are happy with a loss there were alot of encouraging things last night. I don't know about you but I don't expect a team this young to play it's best basketball early in the season. There are alot of young guys who need to find their roles and it will take some games for them to figure that out. "Q" was awesome! With Wilson, Levine and Iati all getting big time minutes someone is going to have to match "Q's" level of play to take time from him. I didn't get a chance to hear the post-game and I was wondering if Brown said anything about Martin's lack of playing time. I thought he has played well so far and was surprised to see him only get 9 minutes. It may just be that with Wilson coming back Brown hasn't worked out a good rotation.

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Don't read into Brown's commitment to Courtney Johnson - I don't believe with 9.5 seconds Brown put the ball in his hands and said shoot, in fact he was probably option 5. Iati, Levine, Wilson and Knotts were probably the 3 point shooters who we were trying to free up.


It seemed Johnson didn't react well (freshman mistake) and took an ill advised shot.

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I agree that Johnson wasn't the designated player to take the final shot. But, Brown DID want Johnson to bring the ball up the court, because Jamar was hobbled at that point. Sometimes in the final seconds of a game, that task is just as difficult as trying to get a final shot off. How many times have you watched a game and seen a team down by 1 or 2 points and not even get that shot off because of pressure D???

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I understand what you're saying.


This all comes under the topic of Experienced DI players vs. Inexperienced DI platers.


Colgate had the solid experience and UA had the solid youth.


When it washes out atleast 7 out of 10 times experience wins. This was one of those "7". I think Courtney is an asset for this team on this occasion he did not react well.


It's all part of a DI Hoop education.


For what it's worth it was great having 4 guys in double figures.

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AlbanyObserver I think you might want to reevaluate your Courtney Johnson observation. Any confidence the coaching staff may have had in him took a backslide after the last shot scenario last night.


Also, I doubt Coach Brown "basically allowed him to take the last shot".


If Courtney does not/will not learn his role on this team his court time could suffer especially in crunch time. I wouldn't expect him to be on the court the next time a similar situation occurs.


Wyatt our "enforcer"????????? He postures and gets in pseudo altercations with the opponents...............and two rebounds!!! If he wants to be a tough guy prove it by getting some rebounds!! Opposing players are so afraid of him that they have career nights against him. Save the enforcer act......it is an embarrassment to the team and what it is trying to accomplish. Pretty soon he will be doing his "act" from the bench. He will always be a "woulda/coulda" player.

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