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Am I missing something ?

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I've been a Will Brown supporrter from the day he replaced S**** B******, and I sat through the days of 8 man rosters and 5 win seasons, but after the start that this highly touted team has gotten off to, I'm wondering whether it can learn to

handle opportunity as well as it handled adversity. And that applies to coaching as well as players. I'm not of the "throw him under the bus" school, but the UA men's team is developing a statistical reputation for not being able to come from behind (wasn't last year's Bing game the first time in 40 some starts the team had won after being behind at half-time), not being able to win close games, and not showing well in overtime.


Its not just players that decide games, its coaches too.


Acknowledging that newspapers seem to gravitate toward provactive qoutes, does it seem that Coach Brown, while critical of the the team's play against Sacred Heart and S****, hasn't mentioned his role in these outcomes ? Maybe I'm just a geezer and the new leadership style is never to admit mistakes ?


And what was it with that weird, almost antagonistic, quote from McElroy ??


"If there's anybody who doesn't think our basketball team will be good by the end of the year, then go watch another team. We're going to be a very good basketball team when it's all said and done."


Regretfully it seems the count is now 0-2

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As the Head Coach, certainly Brown has some responsibility for the recent play. While they are struggling a bit, I don't think that he is far from getting things together - they certainly have the talent to win in the AE. Also, Brown must feel a lot of pressure - he knows that he has to win to get his contract renewed again.


I don't know the context of McElroy's quote, but I am sure that he is frustrated with the performance to date just like everyone else is. Maybe he's not being antagonistic, it may just be the frustration coming to the surface.


I hope that he let's this game go and instead focuses on watching as much tape as he can and keeping the kids focused.

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Class of 72/74 reports some concerns. I wish Coach Brown would speak less negatively about the players and assume some if not all the responsibility for the losses in public and beat on the players in private. Bench coaching is tough especially with almost all new assistants. Computer coaching is easy--I would NOT have called a time-out with 10 seconds to go in the SH game(and then not get a shot off) and I would NOT have called a time out with 1:38 to go (and the ball) against Siena and allow them a chance to re-group, but I would have called a time out well before they got to that 13 point lead in the first half. I'm a geezer like 72/74 and don't like to stop my own momentum but will stop my opponents momentum even if it is the first half. Let's hope Coach Brown and the team learns from these "practice" games--GO DANES!!

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I'm not sure if you saw it but there was a story in today's Gazette. The one quote which might speak to what you're talking about from Brown:


"We need to demand more of ourselves as indiviudals, just as I am demanding more of myself and my coaching staff."


There have been times when he's taken responsibility for losses. The most vivid one I recall again Boston U. during Jamar's freshman year. We were down by two and he ran a play for Jamar who turned the ball over and we lost. The next day he said he made a mistake. He should have let Antione Johnson, a senior, run a play. I know there are other times he's made similar comments as well.

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