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Gazette coverage

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The Daily Gazette generally has a page on UAlbany hoop and Siena hoop on Tuesdays. If you only buy the Gazette one day a week, generally Tuesdays are the days to invest 50 cents. Today's UAlbany column is about Charlie Voelker making a difference at UAlbany and his experience in marketing Capital District athletic events. It indicates that unlike previous years when they distributed student tickets (at no cost) on a as requested per game basis; this year they have distributed them on a season ticket basis and already more than 1000 students have requested the season tickets. He also describes internet reminders to students as well as contests, give a ways, etc.


Without re-kindling the how many people were there Friday night question (and my personal non-scientific view was that the 2500 figure was pretty close); it was clearly the best marketed non-BPG home game in many years.


The Gazette column also has sections on things that readers of this board generally know already, but which are probably interesting to the more casual fans; ie Iati's selection as AE ROW , Levi's streak of double digit scoring; the impact of Pipikis' points and Wyatt's rebounds vs. Army; the fact that the women have three players averaging double digit points, etc.


All in all, I'd say that coverage of UAlbany basketball by the local media has been better this year than in the past. I'm sure it will get much better yet when the programs become successful from a winning-losing standpoint.

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I'm going to get crapped on for saying it, but as much as I like the Gazette and like the Gazette sports people ... Schenectady is a DIII town, and although the coverage is nice, it's really on the TU to provide UAlbany with coverage equal to what they give Siena right now.


Basically what I'm saying is that I don't think many people read the Gazette outside Schenectady county, and I don't think those people up there are making many drives down to the UA games.


The TU still does a poor job covering UAlbany, while giving Siena all the pub it can get. They even have a special Siena section of their website, while UA is relegated to sharing time with the DIII schools.


But I'm just throwing it out there. Gazette is great for giving us that coverage, applause to them. It just sucks that TU can't follow suit. (Or won't)

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Speaking of newspaper coverage, I didn't see a preview story of the LIU game in the online TU edition this morning.  Was their a story in the print version???

Just the box with lineups and stats. In the "Data", Hughes is still out for "family reasons", and Brian DiP. says he might not play until late this month or early January

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I actually subscribe to the online Gazette - I started a couple of months ago. It's a little pricy, but it does provide good coverage of UA sports.


I would read it last year when it was free, but there always seemed to be better articles in the print edition.


For me, it works because I don't have access to much other info about UA athletics.


I do look at the TU sight from time to time, but just find the info in the Gazette better.

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