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Joe Dyson

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Joe Dyson's team played their first game last night. Dyson had six points. I have to wonder how much he played in that game as his team had an 18pt halftime lead and ended up winning by 23.

On a side note Dyson has a teammate named Dane Norwood who had 5 pts.

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I recently heard that in the win by 23 - Dyson only got 4 shots and hit 3 of 4. He had 15 rebounds - which sent his team running and he was the trailer most of the night and therefore didn't really get into the offensive flow of the game. He also saw shorter minutes than usual because of the score.


He was the dominant player on the floor.

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I know some people that have seen the kid. They say he is a man physically. Solid athlete, not great! Will score in the post! Strictly post player! Supposedly he decided to stay home this summer and work on his game and did not play AAU ball. The year before he played for Tim Thomas Playaz AAU which is one of the best teams in the country.


The kid was offered by Houston and visited Houston which is a Conference USA school. Consider him built like Oakley! A beast!


Supposedly a steal for Albany! The Hoop Scoop has him ranked the 286th best player in the nation in the senior class.

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I am not going to compare Joe Dyson to any Pro players that would be unfair to him and increase expectation and hype to a ridiculous level..


He is a man inside - a block to block player - some one who stays in the paint and rebounds and scores around the hoop, something we have needed from Day 1 at the DI level. In your words a "Blue Collar" player.


From what I have heard he has a great body and great size.


He had "interest" from Mid Majors and some High Majors.


He is a steal at Albany's level and one scouting service said he should be a "Rookie of the Year" candidate.


If he is a ROY candidate, think about recent UA recruiting - J Wilson(ROY) and Levi both made the All Rookie Team 02/03. 03/04 it looks like John Iati may have a shot at the All Rookie Team and next season maybe Joe Dyson and who knows how good B. Wilson, Lillis and Bauman are.

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Dyson is stuck with a terrible guard situation this season.


Don't worry about his impact at UA. The coaches are extremely high on him and evreyone -coll. coaches as well as the scouting services rate him a steal for the Danes.


His FT shooting is a job that will have to be worked on.

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As fans I think we just have to look at the other AE teams that are going to come into the RACC this year to see what Dyson can do. At 6'9 and 240 or 250 lbs there are very few teams in our leagues that will be able to match up with a center with similar size. If you consider that Dyson might be able to get some time at PF with Zoellner at the center it's a pretty scary looking front court. .

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Dyson was a 21 - 40 All Star this summer at the deep first session of Eastern Invitational Camp. The improving big man played AAU ball for a few years with the powerful NJ based Playaz AAU program. -  rivals


Don't have any concerns with Dyson he'll be good.

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No doubt Dyson is having a very tough year.


Remember, he's a Rivals 3 star player and the only other recruit we have who was three stars was Jamar Wilson.


Hoopmasters.com says he should be a "ROY" possibility in the AE.


I follow the rating services but I am not a big fan of them. But when 2 of them say very good things about him I think he's going to be OK.

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It's fun to watch the recruits play high school ball but I don't know that you can necesarily project what they'll do in college by it. Quality of opponents they play and their teamates have quite a bit to do with it. For example of the three players who were freshman last year (Knotts, Wilson and Levine) one came out of high school averaging 14 pts a game, one averaged 28 pts a game and one averaged 21 pts a game. If you had to guess (as I would) you'd probably say Wilson averaged 28, Levine 21 and Knott 14. But it's wrong, Wilson averaged 14 pts his senior year and Knotts averaged 28. Going by their high school numbers you'd expect Knotts to be a scoring machine in college but obviously he isn't.

I'm not saying I know anything about Dyson other than what the coaching staff says. I do know that Brown was pretty happy about the Dyson signing("we got lucky" was what I think he said) and for now that's good enough for me.

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Dane Pound


I had heard awhile ago that originally the Danes Staff loved Dyson but backed off their recruiting of him because they felt he was definitely going much higher than the AE.


They felt had to focus on recruits who have the ability to be above the AE but were still attainable for UA.


Just before the Early Signing period they decided to take a last shot at recruiting Dyson and things went the Danes way.


Brown was ecstatic.....


I do know that Brown was pretty happy about the Dyson signing("we got lucky" was what I think he said) and for now that's good enough for me. - Dane Pound


That's enough for me to go by. I think this staff's track record in recruiting speaks for itself!!!!! Jamar, Levi, Iati and transfers Jordan and Zoellner just to mention a couple.

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