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I'm glad I only had to listen to that game and not watch it. I'll attribute not being able to get defensive rebounds in the first half to playing zone defense. LIU is not that big of a team. Second half was a fatal dose of youth on our part. Didn't get a shot up for the first five minutes of the half because of turnovers. Lack of poise on the road and it sounded like both Iati and Martin played like freshman with quite a few turnovers. I'll be curious to see the stats since from the game it didn't sound like we got killed on the glass as bad in the second half. Brillant game by Levi, 30 points and I don't know how many rebounds but it was alot. Sounded like LIU had a pretty good, noisy crowd from the radio broadcast.

Some bright points from this game especially Levi, St. Hillaire and Iati who got on track later in the second half. Have to think as this team gains some experience they will improve and be a better team in February than they are right now.

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Straight from the stat sheet.


Freshmen Martin (6), Iati (5) and Johnson (3) combined for 14 turnovers - hopefully they learned an important lesson on the road. Keep posession of the ball and get a shot every time down the court.


Martin who rarely handles the ball had 6 TOs and only 2 rebounds in 21 minutes.


The "human enigma" Jared Knott in 10 minutes added 3 turnovers. I wonder if he has the desire to compete at this level? Does he have a heart?


Knotts and Wyatt combined for 32 minutes and "0" points and 3 defensive boards.


On the other hand LIU's Brandon Thomas who did not play in LIU's loss at the buzzer to Sacred Heart played 30 minutes off the bench had 15pts, 8 rebs, 4 blocks and 2 steals.


It's time for the freshman to realize this isn't HS

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THOUGHTS......not to be construed as non-support of players on the current roster:


Perhaps a lot of us assumed by the stats that Martin handled the ball well due to his impressive turnover to minutes played ratio. Stats can be deceiving. Maybe his low turnover rate was due to the fact that we was not asked to handle the ball as much as he was last night. Or perhaps it was just a "freshmen night" and nothing more than that.....or maybe a bit of both. He will be fine and will continue to improve and be a big help this year and a solid contributor for the rest of his career at Albany.


Thirty two minutes and "0" pts and 3 rebounds for Knotts and the "Enforcer".....that is sad. Even sadder is that I don't see how Coach can rectify this. His options are limited. Janis has given us solid minutes and more than most could have hoped for. JAMAL HUGHES where are you?? He is the equivalent to "the check is in the mail".


Levi has proven day in and day out that he a star. He competes every game and there is no quit in him. Earlier in the year my opinion was that there probably should not be a permanent captain appointed for this years team. I think this years team is going to struggle...with losses....freshmen playing...etc....perhaps a captain would be helpful........Levi would be my choice.

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Prof, thanks for the info. I went back in time to see if I missed an announcement anywhere or if they mention "captain" when describing his exploits in the media......I couldn't find anything. Is he the only captain?? How long have I been asleep..(I know I am leaving myself wide open with that line).

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Though obviously not as knowledgeable as some to the nuances of college basketball, I have come to summise that the player that meets the officials and opposing captains is quite often the "captain", however, I am embarrassed to admit, from this meeting alone I still struggle at times ascertaing if the "captain" is permanent or game to game.


I don't know which is the better kept secret...........Levi being named captain or the whereabouts of Jamal Hughes.


Hope to hear that the atmosphere at the RACC for the Sacred Heart game is comparable to the Army game, it would show that the effort put forth by the events staff for that game is going to be the rule as opposed to the exception.



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I think its generally a well-known fact that at all sporting events you can't use the published number. So cut the insults, or at least try to make them a little more cutting or witty. It's the same for college and professional sports, the announced never matches the people in the seats. Take a look around at one of the intersession games and attempt to count the people. Then compare. And don't lie about it to try to prove me wrong. Actually, do it at a women's game, you'll be able to count every single person.

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