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Reporting From BINGO

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1 - Interestingly - The BINGO fans did NOT rush the court after the game. B)


2 - Siggers did score the go ahead points and hit double figures in scoring but he and the others continue to commit TOO MANY unforced turnovers


3 - "Z" continues to make me nuts - he had the ball taken away from him at least twice at the top of the key - he looked like he was going to take the game over a couple times but never followed through - still his presence was missed when he was out


4 - Connelly's 8 minutes, all in the first half were huge with both Z and Jimmie on the bench - no stats to look at but he filled space in the middle on defense / did not turn the ball over / and helped to steady a sinking ship


4 - Outside shooting was terrible


5 - We learned that we do not have to play a perfect game to beat the best teams in this conference


6 - We won by not going into panic mode / staying under control / and hustling more than they did towards the end




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Couple of Bing fans told me 'you got lucky today'. well, 2 in a row ain't luck.


The rest is repeating my post from the AEast board:

Spoke to Iati's mother before the game. Besides the earache mentioned last week, his lungs have been congested for a couple of weeks, he'll have some tests done soon looking for walking pneumonia or something.


Good crowd, but it didn't really seem that loud except with 15 seconds to go. Maybe because I was up in row U.


Some day I have to figure out the rule on hip checks in basketball. Refs seem to call about one out of four, pretty much at random. Except for Zoellner, who they call about 2 out of 3. You know, nobody roots for Goliath.


'Pizza Box' has gotta be one of the stupidest ways to rattle the foul shooter I've ever seen (student with box flaps it like 'jaws' while student section chants PI-ZZA BOX.)


The ever-classy Bing students (not all of them, but enough) still mocking Zoellner while he's lying on the floor after hitting his head or getting a finger in the eye or something. Nice.


Bing pep band must learn that with a 5-point lead, down from 13, 2:48 left is WAY too early to play na-na-na-na na-na-na-na hey hey goodbye.

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I probably should have know this would be a good day when I ran into Statefan on my way into the Events Center and he handed me his last beer. Then it got better from there.


It occured to me after reading the AE Board how impressed people from other teams are with Jamar and how much we have taken him for granted. He had a tough shooting day and missed some shots in the lane he usually makes but drew a ton of attention from Bing. He really set up that last play for Siggers well. I thought for sure Jamar was going to take that shot and apparently so did the Bearcats. One of his five assists and a clutch shot by Jason.


Another very good performace for Levi. A very effecient 11 points and some timely rebounds. He also came out after the game and thanked some of the Albany contingent for making the trip down.


I'm not sure if anyone else heard it but was the BU Zoo taunting Zoellner when he was injured on the floor? Not sure if I imagined it or heard it and didn't want to believe it.

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critical win today! ... congratulations to the team/coaching staff ... Jason Siggers, clutch! ... fun reading through the real-time posts of the game on the AE board after the fact ... GD84, you're excused for the boo-boo ...

UA @ Binghamton

great atmosphere at the events center ... good balance in our scoring, but i look forward to the day when iati can again contribute 10+ ppg (health, minutes, ...) ... UAlbany administration should take note of all that Bing did right with their facility/customer service (would serve as a great guide of "what to do" as the new football stadium project moves forward) ... they certainly did well with basketball: first class arena, zero charge for parking (avoided temptation to capitalize on free money ... helps to maintain high level of fan satisfaction), appropriate selection of PA system music (plus, not afraid to turn the volume up to motivate the crowd), very well organized and funded band/dance teams, left the lights on (no need to "spotlight the court" as seen at the RACC) concessions, etc. ... we're more than one step behind ... second chance to get it right w/ a new football facility ... hope we're up for the challenge ($)

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First time that I saw the team since the games in Gainesville - added a bit more detail under trip reports.


Saw some good and some things they need to work on. Those of you that watch the team on a regular basis may already have thoughts on some of my comments, but I haven't seen them since the Coachex v. Cancer games:

1. Even when they were down, I didn't see much panic. There was one incident when Jamar missed a layup, UA called time out and Brown ripped into him pretty bad.

2. Jason Siggers has done a very good job in limited minutes. I knew he could shoot, but he had a nice basket where he made a nice short shot from the paint. He may not be able to drive like Jamar, but he can create his own shot.

3. The team had a tough time finishing shots. Jamar must have had 3 or 4 missed layups where the ball just didn't go in. Zoellner also missed a couple of short shots - he needs to dunk when he is right around the basket.

4. Levi and Brian Lillis played really well. Lillis just works so hard, I was tired just watching him run around. Also, although I think ALbany was outrebounded, it was great to watch Levi battle on the boards

5. When they were down by 11, my concern wasn't stopping Binghamton because I felt like they scored a bunch of baskets in a row off of turnovers and easy shots from the paint. I thought Albany could stop them, but I had no confidence that Albany could score enough points in the last 6 or 7 minutes to win the game.

6. I don't understand why Zoellner gets the ball so far away from the basket so much. I think there were two forced turnovers in a row when he had the ball against a lot of pressure defense.

7. Brent needs to watch the fouls. He can't get 2 fouls in the first 10 minutes and sit on the bench for the rest of the half. He did it against BU and it hurt and it happened again against Binghamton - there may have been other times, but I don't remember. There was one incident where he stuck his foot out and almost tripped a player that wasn't called - that could have fouled him out earlier than when he did. He needs to learn that when you have 3 or 4 fouls, that you can't take the same risks that you could otherwise.

8. Kudos to Binghamton - I ordered my tickets online and picked the seats. That took about 3 minutes. Was impressed by how fast the line at will call went to pick up the tickets. Nice crowd and very impressive student section. Regardless of their chants, there were a lot of very enthusiastic kids there supporting their team. The only downside was the time needed to leave the parking lot.

9. I was positive that Jamar would drive to the basket and either score or get fouled on the last possession. Jamar did show a lot of maturity down the stretch.

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