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What a hell of a game Albany played as showed great basketball skills on the big stage. When interviewed, Calhoun stated that this was the worst 30 minutes of basketball ever played by his team but then quickly gave props to Albany to kind of lessen that statement. He should just feel bad that his team was being outhustled & outhearted for most of the game & give credit where credit is due. A win would have put us on the basketball map forever. As a Red Sox fan, I wondered if this win would have been bigger than comeback against the Yanks in 2004 but feel Albany win would have been bigger as level of talent was more unbalanced. Again what a game & thank you Albany for a great year which could have been real sour after poor start & look forward to the future of great things to come. This can be such a negative sports town but events like tonight make it great.

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He went on and on about Albany in the press conference after the game. He gave a lot of credit to coach brown and the players. He definitely made up for the first comments right after the game.


I think we should all be very proud of albany tonight. I had fellow alums from around the country calling all game. The anchors in the cbs studio gave albany a lot of respect as well.

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I agree Calhoun did give Albany props after the game. Yes Uconn played like garbage for 30 minutes but could it be that was due to our defense and players?


OUr guys performed well and if wasn't for the raining of 3 pointers from Uconn we would of won!!!


Coach Brown said Calhoun was gracious and offered help to him and the program in the future stopping short of letting us win next year in the rematch. Who said we need you to let us win? Albany will play them tough again next year and I am sure in a few years we will beating teams such as Uconn!!!


Ya gotta believe it to win in!!!


Thanks again for the start of a great future!!!


Remember for the first 30minutes we were the big dog~!

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I was just was about to start a new thread with this very subject but you beat me to it.. Calhoun's true feelings were his first comment about "the worst 30 minutes of the season". Could better be expected from the most unethical coach in the NCAA. He corrected himself with phony praise of the Danes. For those old enough to remember the UCLA teams that won the NCAAs 9 out of 10 years , they never had close games like this until they played teams that were close to them in ability. You can take it to the bank:.just as they did at UCLA and Florida ,they proved they can play with any team in the country. All they need is to add a player who is good enough to be drafted by the NBA and they will be top 25. Zollner,in my opinion had a game which should get the attention of every NBA scout with an IQ above 70.

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I'm going to take back my comments about Calhoun that I posted on the AE board. You can see the full text of my latest thoughts on him and my original thought processes over there which I posted a minute ago.


I had an imcomplete picture of what he was saying about UAlbany, and I thought his single remark about fearing us was disrespectful. When I got the full text of his remarks, I thought the coach truly gave us our due.


I should not have posted my comments on the AE board until I a lot more information.


That said, I hope UAlbany can give UConn a second run for its money next season.


Last night was a real thrill. In the first part of the game I was screaming and yelling. Today my voice is still husky (but that's the only part of my body that is).

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Probably the most complimentary things he said about us wasn't intentional. Right after the game he talked about juggling different lineups trying to find someone to stop Wilson from driving and creating.


The fact that Albany dictated play to the degree that the hall of fame coach had to shuffle his McDonald's All-America lineup around is the ultimate compliment.

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I couldn't hear what Calhoun said at first but from this article it sounds like he gave credit where credit was due.


Still hate the guy though. Did anyone notice how UConn's bench was standing up on the sidelines the whole second half. I'm not sure but I thought that wasn't allowed.

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