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I know basketball is the main topic on this board right now, and rightfully so, but does anyone have any insight on Spring football practice?


Did it start yet? if not, when?


Is the Ryan Roeder rule still in effect or will we be having a spring game this year?


Who is battling for positions?

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What is the Ryan Roeder rule?????






PBG, JULIEN HARRIS' school, is up the block from my parents. No doubt I will be asking questions of my neighbors about him. Any kid who starts for a Florida Championship team has got some serious skills.


Remember, "chicks dig guys with skills"......SO DO GREAT DANE FOOTBALL FANS!

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Being primarily a basketball fan but a follower of all UA athletics, can someone explain to me why it seems so hard to get a decent kicker.


It seems to be our achilles heel the past few seasons. It has probably cost us 5 games ove the last 2 seasons.

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its seems hard to get a kicker at any level even IA. remember the kid from LSU that missed something like 5 kicks in one game, including an extra point in over time to lose the game.


kicking is usually not of great importance on the high school level. most high school kickers play other positions.

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I've read about the new scholarship the NEC schools can now offer. Do we know if any of the 25 folks who signed with us were given scholarships? I think publicity the BB team gave the university plus the scholarships should help elevate the program.


Hopefully we can close the gap with the teams like Hofstra and beat the Patriot League teams although I hear they are moving towards athletic scholarships as well.

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I've read about the new scholarship the NEC schools can now offer.  Do we know if any of the 25 folks who signed with us were given scholarships?


According to today's Times-Union, they decided to spread the money from 8 scholarships to 22 of the 25 recruits, rather than only to eight potential 'gamebreakers'.

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Does anyone know what the schedule is for spring ball? I am going to try and get out and see a practice or two. If there is a spring game, I will definatly be there.




April 6, there is a BIG meeting for the stadium that will be held here in NY at an office dinning hall of a former player. Rumor is that Kermit Hall will be there. All are welcome to join. Get a hold of Don Ostrom and get detals.

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this is great. i'm going to get in touch with Fordie re: spring schedule. I'd like to see a practice or two when they go live.


the UA website was updated again but no schedule yet. interesting to note that they are practicing on the new field. I assume that the alumni field is the field hockey field, correct?

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Announcement was just posted, no pdf notes or schedule yet:

Spring Practice Schedule Runs Thru April 7


Albany, N.Y. -- UAlbany's spring football practice schedule began on Saturday, March 18 and runs through Friday, April 7. The Great Danes will hold 15 workouts, primarily on the recently-opened Alumni Turf Field. Head coach Bob Ford has 42 letterwinners returning, including Northeast Conference Defensive Player of the Year Colin Disch (left). DE Andre Coleman, OT Jacob Anderson, OG Sam Pagano and DT Michael Dungey, who were each voted to the 2005 All-NEC squad, also return.


Yes, Alumni Turf Field is the field hockey stadium

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