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Martin and performance

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I usually back off when I know I am right and someon is wrong...but Professor, I will take the final bait. L-E-T U-S- P-L-A-Y hooked on phonics. I will see how smart you are. Go to the Sacred Heart site. Click on Samuels name. Read his bio. See that he is a G-U-A-R-D. That spells guard. Then let us look at the game notes. Hmmm....Pipikus, Hillaire, Levine, Martin, Iati. Hmmmm...that is one center, 3 forwards (dont you dare say Levine played guard because you flat out said earlier that he wasnt quick enough) and one guard. So, Martin, Iati, Levine were plahying against....are you ready Prof....3 G-U-A-R-D-S!


I will apologize to Patch for my low blow about his skills/coaching. However, Patchy, it was in response to your attacking my knowledge. Pissing contest aside...you know your stuff generally. My whole point was that you always preach about us needing to give the team and players some time...and next year we will be better. I agree. I was just pointing out that 6 games do not make a career and Martins performance cannot be judged when guarding a much smaller quicker player. Hey bottom line...he cant guard a DI guard. Brown learned it. That is all my friend.


As for you Prof....LOL...I only played 1 year because of injuries (red-shirted the other). My numbers were about as bad as they get. Doesnt mean I dont know the game. It means my dad should have layed off the college booze...screwed up the genetics!


All good Patch?

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Dane 96


All was always good.


I just know when to stop beating a dead horse, you have your opinion I have mine.


We both want the Danes to be successful.


Have a great Holiday Season!!!


Go Danes!!!


The men's team is smiling for christmas. Good for them, they're limited but working hard.

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Who would have thought.....Janis a 8 and 5 guy! Did anyone ask for a "Enforcer" for Xmas. Wyatt's new name should be the "ENIGMA." 9 boards tonite. Knotts needs to knock down more than 23% (guestimation) of his shots...but at least he took them.

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Martin started against Lehigh. Played well except for one forced pass. Same problem as SH because Lehigh played three guards most of the time so Martin had to sit. A freshman is normally not expected to start at this level but we have two, without the benefit of prepschool, who have had to do so. Except for two guards I didn't think Lehigh was a very good team---but, a win is a win!!

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Except for two guards I didn't think Lehigh was a very good team - oldtimer


I pretty much agree with your assesment but I thought that Lehigh's 3 guards were good. They had Tiah and Rowland who are seniors. Whenever you have seniors playing against freshmen you usually have a big advantage


Tiah was a great defender, they thought so much of him they put him on Levi at the end and to UA's credit they posted Levi up even though he was struggling. Rowland is a Delaware transfer who started on some good Hen teams. He has 750 pts and 286 assists before transferring after 3 years at Delaware. He's a good, seasoned DI player.


Lehighs third guard was Freshman Jose Olivero who like Iati has twice been named his conference Rookie of the Week. He avg 25ppg and shot44% from 3 coming out of HS


Credit should be given to Johnson and Iati for combining for 88 minutes and contributing 25pts, 6 rebs, 8 asst and only 3 TOs.


Also credit should be given to the entire team for working hard defensively.

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