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UAlbany vs. University of Maine (02/07/07)

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Technically speaking, Ambrose is not on the team yet.

I'm sure that's what he meant, and Yocum as a catch-and-go-straight-up-and-slam dunker - Yocum has the height advantage for that - not as an acrobatic, take-off-from-the-foul-line slam.


The same person also said that two players (possibly Ross and Siggars, but I'm not sure) were having a dunk contest, and Ambrose walked over and just 'embarassed' them. So I'm sure Tim will be entertaining once he's out in public.

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If I had to nitpick I'd like Ross (sorry Haggy) to look a little more comfortable on the offensive end when he's out there.


Not to distract attention from what now can be referred to as a "Merits of Gifford" thread, but I always think of the +/- measure in hockey when considering Ross. Granted, his adeptness on the offensive end may not be fully developed, but he consistently defends (and shuts down) the oppossing team's top scorer. If Ross can neutralize his man on the defensive end, then his teammates will more than make up for his lack of offensive production.


As much as I respect Iati, his lack of length can be a concern on the defensive end, which can at times cancel out his offensive contribution. At the end of games Coach Brown regularly plays offense/defense with Ross and Iati.


Also, regarding Ross, if he is ever in the open court, I am out of my seat. He had that nice deflection against Maine last night, and if he kept the ball in-bounds, it would have led to a most electric outcome.

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I am genuinely delighted to be reading this discussion on the merits of our players. It was only a year ago that we were debating the talents of a starting player, aka ZO. Here we are arguing about the talents of non-starters. UA basketball has indeed made great strides. I have the feeling that the best is yet to come and players such as Brett Gifford, Mike Yocum, and Reid Anderson will play a significant role.

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