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Siena Recruit Expelled

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Although this is not a Siena-bashing board, and I do understand the concept of not turning your back on someone ... according to today's (Saturday's) Times Union one of Siena's recruits got expelled from his prep/high school, yet they are hopeful he can regain his eligibility by transferring to another school and continuing to play there.


What does that say about the quality of the player as a person? Should they be recruiting this type of person? I guess class isn't high on Lanier's list of priorities... to be expelled from school, you have to be pretty screwed up, despite what the article says (that is was a "lot of little incidents").


Whether it's one big incident or a lot of little incidents, I doubt the kid didn't know he was in danger of being expelled. It's kind of like Laettner being caught and suspended five games for substance abuse in the NBA. You have to be caught three times to get a five game suspension. Hello idiot, after the first time, or second time, stop what you're doing!

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As a Siena fan, I agree with what a lot of you said. I think everyone did a double take at first. This kid, Benn, has been raised by an elderly grandmother and has no adult supervision - et al - father figure. The kid hasn't caused any major problems - drugs, violence etc. Seems he's been a disruption in some classes, detentions etc. Hasn't had anyone sit his ass down and say..."This is what needs to be done." I think Lanier relates to this kid - as Lanier had a similar upbringing. Lanier sees a kid that has tremendous upside - he just needs some guidance. Now, Lanier seems to be an excellent recruiter - we're all waiting to see if Benn qualifies - which wasn't a given in the first place. He needs to enroll in school and get the qualifying score on the SAT, still.


From an outsiders perspective, the whole situation looks suspect. However, I have to give Lanier the benefit of the doubt - if this kid was causing big problems, he would have been released from his LoI.


Also, Tezmar Caldwell, a Siena red-shirt has been rumored to have done some immature things around the dorms during first semester. Not sure what the whole story is there.


As a Siena fan, we're all rooting for Benn. Sounds like he just needs to get away from Philly and in a supportive atmosphere and he will develop more as an individual.


I agree with a lot of what you said - especially from your perspective. It's not like Lanier is Jeff Ruland at Iona. Ruland has had almost a dozen kids leave school over the last four years due to academics and disciplinary reasons :)

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The kid definitely has to be given some benefit of doubt, however I just felt if the school had to expel him - that's pretty harsh. I guess I'm cynical in that I can't see an administrator at a school being really "out to get" this kid, or any kid (ok maybe some, but not most). So to get the maximum of an explusion - I don't know.


But then again he could turn out to just be immature and he will grow up. I just thought it was interesting.

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soup & DaneFan2k3


I think the kid has had little guidance especially at school. The school and his coaches have had him and used him for almost 4 years and they didn't care enough to make sure the kid took care of business.


I think it's a sin that these basketball factories can travel all over the country to tournaments with kids who are having academic issues and other problems. Instead of using kids I would hope school administrators and coaches would work for the benefit of the kid.


If the school did work for the kid and the kid fails academically or socially then solid academic colleges shouldn't consider recruiting such athletes.


I know that sounds idealistic but if a college is a academic institution the kids HS years should mean something. I don't know how a good academic school recruits a kid and signs him to a national letter of intent and he hasn't even qualified by the minimal NCAA guidelines which are much lower than normal admission to a solid academic school.


I do believe cutting the athletes some slack is OK but to throw away the college's admission standards completely to recruit an athlete is ridiculous.

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There will always be arguements made on both sides of a scenario such as this.


Without knowing all the info in this case I guess it is unfair to make a judgement, but it is not unfair to question the motives.


Nobody wants to see a potentially good kid who grew up in a bad situation be unduly punished. However, perhaps kids with proven disciplinary/scholastic problems are more suited to begin thier college careers in a less demanding atmosphere.

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Well said Downtown. I have to say I think everyone has been pretty restrained on this board while discussing this. On a completly different note it was reported that Benn was at the Pepsi last night for the Iona game. I haven't heard anyone hear mention any Albany signees going to our games this season (I know it would be tough for the Iowa guys) but was curious about it. I would think the BPG (even if just a tape of the game but better if they were there) would be a terrific recruing tool.

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Bilal was not at the Pepsi last night, the confusion is from MAAC announcer Doug Sherman confusing Bilal Benn with potential Siena recruit Tay Fisher, anyway the camera panned onto Fisher and Sherm commented that it was Bilal Benn. The truth of the matter is Bilal was home all weekend. Bilal is a good kid who made

some bad decisions along the way. Didn't we all make some bad decisions

when we were 17 years old? I know I did, and I had 2 full time parents who

loved me.


Cardinal Dougherty had to make a very difficult decision in all

this. I don't envy the folks who had to make the decision, but I do

understand it. Please understand that Bilal's mistakes (for as many as

there were), were not major. They were mostly immature, stupid teenage

things. He was warned repeatedly over the last couple years, but it

never seemed to fully register


So anyhow the kid has lived a tough life to date, what is Siena suppose to do abandon him? Bilal has known all along if he doesn’t get the grades he will not be accepted into Siena. I’m not sure how this will turn out, but for the kid’s sake I hope he sticks it out in school

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Siena Tony


I am with you 100%.


I just not so sure the Dougherty staff did enough for a kid at risk and if they did then maybe the kids problems are deeper rooted.


I am also surprised that Siena signs kids to National Letters of Intent and he is not an academic qualifiers.


I hope things work out for Benn and Siena.

Edited by Patch
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