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$2.38 billion budget SUNY Budget Proposed


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I may be wrong but I didn't see much of a conversation there.


A couple of envious, arrogant private school people spouting their rhetoric.


I didn't even deem it worth my time.


If they feel that UA is not a part of the community and the community won't support UA football it's probably due $iena's lack of funding for football.

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I've been reading a high school football forum at http://www.syracuse.com/forums/hsfootball/ and there are some serious naysayers over there regarding the stadium project. I wonder why so much apathy. Feel free to bump on over there and get into a nice discussion. :D


As I've said before, there will always be haters out there. You have to deal with these people in business, social settings and maybe in your own family. There is no shortage of these folks in the capitol region. Add in New York's fractured higher education market and bias toward private schools, you've got a hard task in front of you to build support for your team. It's hard but not impossible, it just takes time. It's going to take a while to build support for any school, especially a SUNY school, but it will happen.


Most of the people who underestimate or short change "SUNY" haven't been on a campus in decades. The university centers are not small teachers colleges. There isn't any difference between UAlbany and Boise State or Georgia Tech, except better facilities and a history of athletics. I hear a litney of excuses as to why New York could never be competitive. That's total BS. We had 6k out a home coming despite crappy facilities and playing a lower level D1-AA school. With new facilities and scholarships, we should be able to schedule an occasional game with Army, UMass or Delaware. Mickie Stadium holds 30k seats. I've seen them play all over the country. Are you telling me we couldn't sell out a 15k stadium? The Army fans would fill at least half the seats themselves. There is no point in going over there to argue with those idiots. Let the results speak for themselves or better yet, invite a skeptic out to a game. If there is one thing I know is New Yorkers love a winner. We need to have facilities to look like a winner and we need to be playing schools they respect. If we win, they'll come out. Period.

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When we have a new stadium, we will fill the stadium on a regular basis, and we will be competing for National championships. I see the stadium alone doing this, pulling in the 'little extra' needed in our recruits. Even without additional schollys, which will bring the championship even sooner. Look at what Coach Ford is doing with a high school type style of a football facility. We are one half step behind the Montana's out there. People want to come, but don't want to feel like they are at a Albany High game. My gut says we'll be breaking ground this summer.

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Pregame party at the first game of UAlbany football at the new stadium.


Everyone on this board should get together for a tailgating party a few hours before the game.


That gives everyone enough time to save their pennies, to chip in on their mandatory case of beer each of us needs to bring.




As for that High School board, forgetta bout it... just a bunch of weasles. Not worth anyone's time to read it.

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