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haha, Wyland takes stab at Fran

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It was on the second page of the TU Sports page today, too.

Surprised they printed it, but maybe they too are disappointed in their boy.


The two interface with each other: Wyland's "quick take" in the TU is simultaneously posted to his blog. As much as the TU's head is ex rectum with $iena, the quote harms nobody and I'd be willing to bet that those on their end might feel the same.

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Of course, Will Brown and UAlbany wants to win every game. And Saturday's game is obviously non conference, which means this game means very little to UAlbany's standing later in the season.


I don't believe this is the year that the NCAA selection committee is going to give the America East an At Large bid to the tournament, meaning our main concern is conference play.


And of course, this is exactly what Will Brown's thinking.

Will Brown has the correct approach. Be intense, play to win, work hard... but to enjoy this, as it is a capital district rivalry for the fans and programs alike. He's open, he's professional, and he's discussing the game.


On the other hand, $iena's coach is burying his head in the sand.


Why would one close the doors the entire week?

Why would one close its doors to its die hard fans who watch practice?

Why would one not participate with the media?

Why would one not give 10 minutes of his time for a very short interview?


It certainly appears that this game is vital to Siena's coach and his season? Why?


Does he realize that his whole program is judged on his ability to dominate UAlbany?

Does he realize that his program has lost it's edge against UAlbany, and now his program is in jeapardy?

Does he realize that most of the $iena fans became $iena fans because it was the only D1 program in the region?

Does he realize that some of those fans might just start converting to being UAlbany fans?

Does he realize that UAlbany is the real representative of Albany and people of NY?


Either he suffers from paranoia, or he's very nervous about what is currently happening with the Capital District's D1 basketball.

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