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Can be found here..... We are pretty much parroting what he's thinking on this board. Doesn't sound very happy to me!

no...not happy at all. I hope for his family's christmas he leaves it at work! I would be upset too with a loss like Saturday's. I am sure the Danes will figure it out as the season moves forward.


p.s. Ambrose? PLAY him more!!!

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p.s. Ambrose? PLAY him more!!!

I'm guessing that's what this line referred to "The players capable of manufacturing offense are young and still have a lot to learn!"


Can't wait till he figures it out. 2008 will be looking up.

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Does the beginning of this season sound like two or three seasons ago?


Back then (in the year in which I am referring), Coach Brown's constant refrain was that the team did not know how to win. In that year we had so many games which we almost won (those in which we had a good lead but petered away and those in which we struggled to make up a large deficit but didn't have quite enough at the end).


This season sounds suspiciously like that season. Although we have a 5-6 record, with luck in each of five of those contests (a lot to ask, I know), we could have a 10-1 season right now. We'd be in a lot better mood now.


I hope that the current season turns around and that we come back to enjoy the kind of success we had not so long ago.


In the meantime, talk about seasons, hope everyone has a Merry Christmas (or Happy Holiday) and a Happy New Year.


Thanks, Dane Pound, for hosting this forum. As someone who is not in the immediate area, this site is such a great place to find info on my favorite sports team. Hope you and your wife have a great holiday. Glad you got that flag!


Thanks, Coach Brown and the team, for making this an exciting season. Best of luck! And enjoy the holidays!

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