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Big Purple Growl

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Have to say despite the outcome of the men's game I thought things went pretty well with the Growl. I don't know that this years crowd was any bigger than last years but they seemed louder. The students were great as they were during the Vermont game with "defense" chants throughout the game and not just during the last couple of minutes.

The Feast went pretty well in the old gym. We were a little confused about where things were and we had some guests who met us who were confused as well. I think the wind kept blowing down the signs down telling people where the feast was.

The old gym left alot more room for the kids games, the putting green and shooting some hoops. They should have had Kirsten Zoellner over there giving the kids a hand dunking. Everytime I looked over there were kids doing the activites so I guess they went over pretty well.

LadyDP pointed out that it would have been great to have a closed circuit TV in the old gym showing what was going on in the RACC especially since the women's game had started before we were finished eating. I'm sure that's easier for us to think of than for someone to do.

The food was good as usual. We went over between games for dessert and they had placed "dane (doggy) bags" out for people to take cookies, dessert back to the RACC, a nice idea. Have to say the feast really added to things and is worth it for anyone who hasn't tried it (this means you Statefan). I was talking with a usual $iena fan at the feast who was impressed with the Growl and said $iena really had nothing to compare.

I hate to sound like a crank but I'm not sold on the band idea at the Growl. Nothing against the band, who was good, but I think alot of the feast is it being a homecoming where you see people you haven't seen in a while and chatting with them. It's kind of hard to do that with a band blaring in the background. Of course it could be that I'm getting old. When we went back the second time the band was done and I have to say it was much more condusive to conversation. Still overall a good time again.

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A few thoughts on the BPG:

1. I forget what the announced attendance was last year, but I think there were definitely more people this year

2. Pep band was good, but at times it was hard to hear them - even before the crowd became large. I guess the acoustics just aren't very good in the RACC.

3. Feast was very good especially with the kids activities

4. Good signage for this board - I must have seen a dozen signs for bigpurplefans.

5. Who will play PG next year. Iati is definitely not a PG nor is Jordan - Wilson played PG in HS.

6. Wyatt was impressive. I was critical of him this year, but he did an amazing job on the boards last night - especially the offensive boards.

7. It was neat seeing Wilson, Jordan and Zoellner congregate on the court during warm ups - next year they will be leading the team at the BPG.

8. Iati couldn't hit a think in the first 10 or 15 minutes - he must of missed 6 or 7 shots in a row.

9. Johnson seemed like he didn't want to shoot anything except layups. He did take one shot from the left wing and it had no chance at all.

10. Maple Ski Ridge was perfect - thanks for the info.

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1. the crowd was bigger and much more active this year.

2. the Pep Band must be allowed to play more and must get louder.

3. Feast in the Old Gym was a good idea.

4. Dane Pound is doing an excellent job for this board and should be commended by all of us.

5. I disagree with you on Iati, he's a PG who this year is asked to do too much. I don't think it's fair to judge him as a point until you see him actually play the Point especially with players on the court who can score(Wilson & Jordan) so that he can just transport it and distribute it, and shoot open looks when those guys kick it out.

6. Wyatt has been a pleasant surprise this season and will be a solid reserve next year.

7. For argument sake add Levi and Jon to Jamar, Lucious and Zoellner and things are interesting and the roles of Jon and Levi change drastically.

8. Iati missed his first 8 shots, OUCH!!!!!!!!!

9. Johnson is a poor shooter - why do you think they left him open??? He's shooting 33% on mainly layups this year (17% from 3)

10. I am glad you found a good play to ski.

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Actually, the BPG announced attendance was 240 less than last year, but I agree it seemed louder. Maybe just a more honest count.


On another, more positive note, the athletics website has been revised slightly in the last couple of days, looks a lot less cluttered and more organized. There are still a few things I think it should add (photo links, a 'Facilities' page) but one step at a time.

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Patch--please--your PG has to be a passer!! Iati is a good ball handler and a very good scorer but---not a great distributor and makes poor decisions(like driving into the paint to challenge the 6'8" & 6'10") at the end of the game. It is possible that we will not need a true point next year with the other guards being very, very good. PS--your point guard is also(usually) your designated defender--at 5'9"--good luck. PPS--I like Iati, but like any freshman he has a lot of work to do to make the next year a success.

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Old Timer,


Learn the game before running at the mouth! Your pg is not your designated defender!


Iati is a very good offensive player! If he had better players with him he'd get them the ball. Right now he has to do everything to help this team win and that includes forcing action once in a while!


He will be the AE Rookie of the Year this year and will have a great career! Your probably the same guy trying to plug Todd Martin on the board! Get a clue!

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Patch--please--your PG has to be a passer!!........makes poor decisions(like driving into the paint to challenge the 6'8" & 6'10") at the end of the game...... PS--your point guard is also(usually) your designated defender--at 5'9"--good luck. - Oldtimer


I truly respect your opinion but I have to respectfully disagree with you on several points.


1. I agree your PG has to be a passer, if you read any of my posts I've stated due mainly to Jamar's injury Jon has been forced to handle at times but more importantly for this years team score. We will only see if Iati can play the point next year when he has people on the court with him who will take his present burden(scoring) off him. I have faith in our coaching staff they recruited him to transport the ball and deliver it into the hands of Levi and Jamar who were going to be the primary scorers. He was going to primarily shoot when they got doubled and kicked it out to him. All that went down the tubes when Jamar went down for the season.


2. At the end of some games I've questioned some of his choices also but he has been asked to create because no one on this team including Levi can create off the dribble.


3. No where is it stated that your PG is a designated defender, it helps the better a player plays "D" no matter what position he plays. Jon will be adequate guarding most PG in this conference and with some he will have to get some help.


We really won't know what type of PG Jon will be, because he hasn't been afforded the opportunity to run the point as a pure PG this year.


The one thing we know is the staff recruited him as a PG and so far he has shown us he has some excellent basketball skills, let's be fair to Jon and not judge him so harshly until he gets a chance to play his recruited position.

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Old Timer,


Undo criticism of Martin? Tell me who he can guard? He's had plenty of chances to help offensively and he looks scared. He can't even give Albany solid minutes as a reserve! Get a clue!


Iati is the best frosh in the AE! Sure he has alot to learn! The kid didn't even have a pre-season. He had major shoulder surgery in August and practiced for like four day's before the Siena game.


He's playing 40 mpg and averaging 14.6ppg and playing 40mpg! Pretty damn good!

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