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This is Albany's season!!!! Monmouth is as good as advertised. This game will define the Danes in 2003. If we win, we will win the conference hands down. If we lose, we will obviously have a winning season, but it will be a letdown!



Keys to victory:



Must establish run immedialtly, they will put 8 in the box. We need top be dominant upfront and make them question themselves and their ability to stop our run. They (their Defense)are being told how dominant our running game is. If we can come out and punch them in the mouth, they will be demoralized.


Albany QB's MUST HAVE CAREER DAYS...WE need to have a downfield threat


Defense must contain the 2 QB's that they rotate. they also have pretty good recievers.


They have a terriffic FG kicker....must not let this come down to a FG situation.


LAST BUT NOT LEAST THE COACHING STAFF MUST NOT BE PREDICTABLE...this is critical as we have won all of our games with the same formula. The monmouth staff have been seeing this on film how Albany plays.They must be able to make changes on the fly. This teams D is as good as Brown's was.

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QBs don't need CAREER days (except for them so far), just complete enough to loosen up their D. Bazan returning helps.


MU's been doing it on defense, Wagner game was the first time their offense showed much. Albany secondary has to take care of missed assignments as in the SFU game.


Of course, Albany O still has to cut out the turnovers, can't give them a short field.


Anyone have word if T-W cable will pick up the MSG-Metro feed, or where you can find it on satellite or in some bar?

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UAalum72 and others should contact Time Warner and voice their support for TW picking up the MSG-Metro feed of the UA vs. Monmouth game ... customer service # 869-5500 ... their rep. said that it is not currently on the schedule for 10/18 ... but that could be changed fairly easily ... i would like to think that the UA athletic dept. has already made an attempt to encourage Time Warner presentation of the game in the Capital District market ... distant enough to not impact many ticket sales ... small stuff matters

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The Massey ratings have us as four point underdanes for this game. Massey

A few things concern me about the Monmouth game:

-We gave up over 400 yards passing against St. Francis. Granted it was a blow-out but still that's alot of yards against a pretty bad team.

-Monmouth has played in and won a lot of close games. We haven't. If it is close we don't exactly have the type of offense (passing game) that can move the ball quickly.

-I'm mystifyed why Sciarra got twice as many pass attempts as Delgado. It seems pretty clear Delgado is the better passer.

That said I don't think we should be four point dogs. Monmouth has had trouble scoring against the leagues better teams and we are one of those teams. Big games tend to favor teams that can run the ball-better to rely on a fired-up offensive line blowing people off the line than a nervous QB throwing the ball all over the place.

Lets hope this game is televised because it should be a great game.

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Sagarin has us 5.6 point dogs.


203 Monmouth-NJ AA = 39.01

209 Albany (NY) AA = 36.72


The Georgetown win probably helped their rating.


MU had 3,500 attendance last week, and THIS week is homecoming.


They said after the last game they like to put 8 in the box to take away the run, and they also like to wear you down with the run (long 4th quarter drive against Wagner). But they haven't been able to score a lot of points except against the MAAC.

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Remember, they also have a young QB. Bob Harmon's Forcast has Albany winning by 2. If our O-line is a s good as advertised, we should be able to run on them anyways. Every team we have faced has put 8 in tthe box. The only team to have any success against us was Northeastern. This team is hardly Northeastern.


I think we are giving Monmouth too much credit. Yes, they are a good team but how good? Who have they beaten? RMC and Georgetown. Alumni 72 is right, their offense struggles. Also we gave up big plays against St. Francis when the game was out of reach. St. Francis was never in a position to beat us. Just eliminate turnovers and let our line and backs do the rest.

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Don't know if we're giving Monmouth too much credit or if this game reminds us too much of last year's game vs. Stony Brook. Stony Brook wasn't a better team last year and they won-helped in large part by a big crowd which Monmouth will also have on Saturday. I'm not saying Monmouth is a better team but a good defensive team helped by a larger (5,000?) crowd is a touch situation to come away with a W.

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